Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Home Quirks

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: "Jiggle the handle!" "You have to press the lightswitch twice!" "It just makes that noise sometimes." What kinds of quirks does your home have?

Wow, where do I start?

The house I rent was built in 1956. It's been steadily upgraded and added onto here and there, and as a result it's got a lot of, um, weirdnesses?

First off, the house is on a well and septic system. So there's a loud banging as the water filtration and pump system works in the garage EVERY TIME you use water. If you flush? BUMP-BUMP-BUMP. If you shower? BUMP-BUMP-BUMP. If you use the washing machine, God help you, not only does the pump start up but another loud machine kicks in. One of my friends, upon first hearing it, said "well that's an interesting EDM song." XD

Furthermore, the well and septic system situation makes all the water distribution weird in the house.  If the washing machine is draining, the toilet burps and bubbles. Sometimes if a sink somewhere in the house has water draining, the kitchen sink will sputter. And weirdest of all, there is a hose sticking out of the side of my garage that sprays water into the yard at random intervals, and sometimes when that's going on, I don't have water in my house at all. (Every time I contact the office about this, they tell me they'll check it out, and then I never hear about it again.)

There's also the fact that the washing machine hookup in the garage is on a different wall from the dryer hookup, and since it's a septic system you're not supposed to flush anything but toilet paper and waste down the toilet. When I first moved in, the toilet didn't flush at all and they had to dig up my back yard and get the pipe back into place from where it'd been disturbed by a tree root.

There are many bare wires hanging around in the garage. Spiders love my garage. They seem to like my shower too. I had an epic showdown with a spider the size of my hand in there once.

The garage door sometimes opens back up after you close it for no apparent reason. The front door has weird molding so the door is difficult to close properly. My house has a side door on the garage which doesn't open. It is blocked inside by a built-in set of shelves. It looks enough like a real door, apparently, to attract delivery drivers who somehow think it makes more sense to go to the side of the garage behind some bushes and throw my packages in the mud there than it does to go to the front door. *shrug*

The front door has poor accessibility. My disabled friends have to come in through the garage. It is accessed either by walking through the yard or using a path made of flat stones, and then the porch has a LARGE step up with no railing at all. There's a pole that looks like you can brace against it, but it isn't attached to the ground. It's ornamental and will move if you push on it.

The light sometimes flickers in the middle bedroom.

The house is set up with the assumption that you'll be entering through the garage; the lights for the main room are on the far wall so you have to walk through the entire room to turn the light on if you've come in through the front door. The front door leads to a vestibule that leads directly into the master bedroom. You could walk into the house and go right into the master bedroom without going through the rest of the house. The hallway's entrance inexplicably has a door. There are two switches for the lights in the hallway and both must be on for the light to come on. 

The house is directly across the street from a golf course. I have found golf balls in my yard. My geolocation on Google that prompts me to check into places often wants me to say whether I'm at the golf course whenever I go home. 

The house has a fireplace in the room you can enter from the garage. Spiders like that too. The fireplace room looks like it was meant to be a small den or something. (I use it for a game room and baking center.) It doesn't have carpet or a closet so it's not really a good bedroom, and it has a door that leads to the backyard. The fireplace room has built in bookshelves.

The kitchen has awesome new cabinets with a soft-close feature built into them. :D

The ceiling fan in the kitchen does not work. :o Just makes a loud buzzing noise when you turn it on. The water line on the fridge is not hooked up so its ice dispenser and water dispenser on the fridge door doesn't work. The light over the sink takes a long time to come on but eventually it does come on.

The trees in the backyard are gorgeous. :)

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