Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Doing Nothing

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Do you feel that "doing nothing" is a good use of your time?

You know, I have a REALLY hard time "doing nothing."

I have a tendency to be pretty active and engaged in specific activities. Always working on something, and when I'm done with the thing I'm working on, I'm generally on to the next thing. I don't have a lot of idle moments where I'm trying to find something to do or lolling about in the space between things to do "doing nothing."

Now, one could certainly argue that I don't spend my time on productive activities sometimes. And that's true more often now than it used to be. Some of the things I'm doing might look like "nothing," or might look like a waste of time, but I'm usually creating something I care about even if it's not something, you know, objectively valuable. (Drawing elaborate fan art comes to mind.) 

That said, I think "doing nothing" would actually be a good use of my time if I could get myself to do it. I sometimes have to remind myself to turn off and relax, and I'm still not very good at it. I think it'd be good for my mental health if I did nothing more often.

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