Saturday, January 6, 2018

Personal Digest Saturday: December 30 – January 5

Life news this week:
  • Saturday I woke up super cold because my heat was not working. The heat repair person came to my house and tried to fix it but didn't have a part and so I would have to be cold until Tuesday when they could order the part. Oh well. I went to Mom's and finally got to see Lindsay and Mike, and we had Chinese food together and opened some presents. I even got to do a little drawing.
  • Sunday was New Year's Eve and I had originally intended to make breakfast for dinner with family but just wasn't really feeling it. I stayed home and did laundry and talked to my friend Ralph on the phone while making biscuits. Lots of fireworks went off in my neighborhood but I had a low-key night. It was nice.
  • Monday I had New Year's Day off. My sister picked me up and we went to visit Dad in Sarasota. Got to see Grandpa, who's in his new place, and ate soup and other yummies at Dad's for dinner. (He cooked, which was novel!) Got some cool presents and just got to enjoy family. Had a nice chat with my bro-in-law and sister on the way home.
  • Tuesday I went back to work in the cold. I had been told it would be very busy this week but it wasn't. Went home and made breakfast for dinner with Mom and the visiting California family. I hadn't had time to really make anything before they got there after my work day, so I had a lot of help! We ate waffles, fruit, eggs, fake bacon, leftover biscuits, and hash brown crisps. It was a lot of fun. Then I watched cartoons after they left. Still no heat.
  • Wednesday was rainy and I couldn't get to work. I worked from home instead and had a big problem with a letter we were trying to send out. An hour before it was due, the power went out at the office and I tried to save their letter so we could send it out but I didn't make it in time. I was frustrated and grumping about it while going out to eat with Jeaux at Burger 21 and then we visited Mom's so we could hang out with family one more time before the Californians returned to California. Nice quiet night. But still no heat.
  • Thursday I found out we did NOT miss the deadline for the letter we were trying to send because it's due next week! Whew. I did some resume updates for the office and went home. Talked to Victor on the phone while drawing my comic and a promotional drawing for upcoming Steven Universe episodes. Annnnnnd still no heat. They tried to fix it and said it was fixed but it was not.
  • Friday I finished updates for the office's resumes, and then Jeaux picked me up for food at Moe's and cartoons at his house. The episodes, as expected, were bizarre levels of good. We talked about them for a while, went to my place so I could finish posting my webcomic, and then watched them again. Haha. And yeah. No heat. I lived under my electric blanket this week.
Reading progress:
  • Finished this week: Nothing! I didn't ride the bus much this week so I didn't have as much reading time.
  • Currently readingWishin' and Hopin' by Wally Lamb.
    New singing performances:

    This week's song was "Try" by Nelly Furtado.

    New drawings: 

    Poster of the Off Colors for Lars of the Stars!

    Webcomic So You Write Issue 79: "Absorbed."

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0660: "Interrupted."

    New videos:


    New photos:

    My New Year's Day outfit looks subtly like a cartoon character.
    My sister and I both baked biscuits for our New Year's Day dinner.
    Went to go see my grandpa on New Year's Day. Four generations in one shot!
    I was definitely cold at the bus stop. 
    Breakfast for dinner at my house.
    My mom made aprons for all three members of my sister's family, and they're so cute!
    My nephew and sister playing with my Animaniacs toys.
    Nephew Ash wearing a hat and climbing on my sister.
    Ash likes to shove his butt on people. His father has termed this "very aggressive butt."
    Excited for new cartoons! First time this year, but certainly not the last.
    Jeaux wearing his Cookie Cat hat in my room.

    Social Media Counts:

    YouTube subscribers: 5,271 for swankivy (lost 3), 655 for JulieSondra (lost 2). Twitter followers: 905 for swankivy (4 new), 1,327 for JulieSondra (lost 2). Facebook: 293 friends (no change) and 201 followers (no change) for swankivy, 657 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 125 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,493 (lost 1). Instagram followers: 131 (1 new).

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