Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Mischievous?

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Are you mischievous?

Mischievous. Well, complicated question.

In general, kind of not? I don't find other people's suffering funny, even if it's temporary and mistaken, so I don't find it amusing to jump out and scare people or cause them distress.

But I do think weirdness is funny, and confusing people in non-damaging ways or weirding them out is my brand of mischief. Maybe in that way I'm pretty mischievous because I think of weird things to do. I used to be more into it when I was younger, but the occasional chance to play around still presents itself now and then.

When I was in college, one of my hobbies was climbing onto various university buildings and then just sitting up there whistling. And I'd watch people on the ground and see who looked up. Usually if they looked at me I'd wave like a dork.

My friend Jeaux and I once went to a slightly nicer restaurant than we usually went to--one that specialized in Italian food and had fancy cloth napkins--and after we were seated we each took out a pair of chopsticks and hid them in our napkins after taking the silverware out. Then when we each got a plate of pasta, we nonchalantly unrolled our napkins and ate with our chopsticks in an Italian restaurant. We got some weird looks and that was about it.

In college I did do some less harmless pranks, but they were things I did to people after I perceived they'd done something to me. One was sort of an understanding, where we'd take turns "getting" each other, and my partner's pranks were usually just frustrating, like he'd steal one of my shoes and hide it, or he'd do something irritating to my computer. So I got him back by changing the outgoing message on his answering machine to something embarrassing, so that his friends and family would call and hear it but he wouldn't know. The other one was a little more mean-spirited but I promise the guy deserved it. He had given me passwords to his website so I could help him with it, but he was being a jerk to some of my friends and was knowingly dating two women while hiding their existence from each other (this was not an understood or accepted arrangement), so I messed with his website and replaced some of his pompous essays with perverted cartoon fanfiction. (I think this stuff actually would have won the award for the most offensive stuff I've written.) As I recall one of his girlfriends thought he'd written it and was very upset because she was religious. :o (But he was just dating her because he wanted to stay at her house for free, so I thought it was poetic justice that she said she was going to dump him over it.)

That's about all I've got for now.

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