Saturday, November 25, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: November 18 – November 24

Life news this week:
  • Saturday I did blogging and comic planning so I could have the evening free for Drink and Draw. It was a weird night because there was another event going on at the same time and there was live music outside, plus Eric said nothing to me about picking me up like he has every other time, so I went to the event in a paid ride. (He was there with a woman I don't know so probably that's why he didn't tell me anything about his plans.) The event was cool and I got a bunch of stuff drawn.
  • Sunday I played ukulele and did karaoke recordings and did some Amino posts. I'm back posting there incessantly to build up my content again now that I've got some stuff figured out behind the scenes. Began posting reviews onto Tumblr as well, and talked to Meggie about future birthday plans.
  • Monday my computer at work was messed up so I spent the whole day either troubleshooting it or waiting for responses from the IT folks regarding troubleshooting it. I managed to get a couple small things done that day though. I made some plans with Jeaux and Victor to visit my mom for Thanksgiving since neither of them were doing anything.
  • Tuesday I got some coordination stuff done and worked on a staffing chart for an upcoming document submittal. Jeaux took me grocery shopping and we ate at Perkins and watched two episodes of Search Party which is full of terrible people and we like it okay so far.
  • Wednesday I worked by myself! Nobody else was in the office. I did some more stuff for the submittal and some updates on the utility coordination. Then I walked to the comic book store because it was about a mile away from my work and I wanted to buy the new Steven Universe comic, but they didn't have it in my folder even though I was supposed to have it on reserve. So I took a paid ride to another store and they didn't have any either (but I was able to buy my ukulele holder that I'd been wanting). I went home and bought the dang thing online. And I posted a bunch of reviews.
  • Thursday was Thanksgiving. I spent the morning baking macaroni and cheese and biscuits, and making posts on Amino, and one of my pieces FINALLY got a feature (I say "finally," as if waiting less than a week is a lot, but still, I was throwing out a bunch of good stuff all week). Jeaux picked me up and picked up Victor. We hung out and my friends played with brain teaser toys and we all played Exploding Kittens. We ate the meal and Mom went to bed right after because she is pretty sick and can't expend much energy without it taking a big toll. Jeaux fixed her computer while she was sleeping and I did dishes with her roommate. We left pretty late and I went to sleep.
  • Friday I tried to just take a day easy. (It's hard for me to do that.) I was a lazybones, but I did get my webcomic up and finish reading a book and reviewed it before I went to bed. Also talked on the phone and made some fun posts.

New reviews of my book:
  • max gave it a two-star review on Goodreads because I don't respect gay people (max did not elaborate). Hmkay.
  • James Kirby gave it a three-star review on Goodreads, citing its repetition as the reason for lower marks.
  • Cheryl gave it a four-star review on Amazon, claiming I give a great description of what it's like to be ace (but then including a sentence full of misleading statements that my book actually debunks, so...I'm not sure how to react to that).
Interviews, articles, mentions:

Reading progress:
    New singing performances:

    This week's song was "Didn't We Almost Have It All" by Whitney Houston.

    New drawings: 

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0654: "Worth Starting Over For."

    New videos:

    I finally learned to play "Stronger Than You" on the ukulele! This is pretty rough to be honest, but these chords and the rhythm was very hard to master for me, and I substituted a few chords from the original for chords that were easier or more natural for me, plus I improvised a tune for the opening because you probably do not want to hear my white girl rap. (The original song opens with a rap verse.)

    This song is the only solo song in the entire Steven Universe series sung by my favorite character, Garnet. It was the showpiece in the first season's finale episode and it was a Very Big Deal for people who had been waiting such a long time to hear Garnet sing. :) (Her voice actress is a famous Grammy-winning musician from Britain. She is amazing.) If you are unfamiliar with the original song and want to know how it sounds, feel free to watch a badass cartoon character fight while she sings!!

    New photos:

    Cookie Cat ensemble while at work

    My nerds Victor and Jeaux trying to solve brain teasers at Mom's

    Me wearing "the cone of shame" before a game of Exploding Kittens.
    You're supposed to wear this if you forget whose turn it is, but I just wanted to wear it.
    The Thanksgiving table is set. I love this china.

    Social Media Counts:

    YouTube subscribers: 5,266 for swankivy (lost 6), 656 for JulieSondra (1 new). Twitter followers: 898 for swankivy (lost 2), 1,332 for JulieSondra (4 new). Facebook: 295 friends (lost 1, who knows who) and 202 followers (no change) for swankivy, 657 likes for JulieSondra (2 new), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 126 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,496 (3 new). Instagram followers: 126 (1 new).

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