Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Artist

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Are you an artist?

In the loosest sense of that word, the answer is "of course." Given that writing is a type of art, I think it's safe to say I qualify.

And regarding other forms of art, I'm a pretty decent singer.


But in the more traditional sense of the word, when people think "artist," they often think of visual art, so I'll answer that too. I don't actually consider myself an "artist," but I do an awful lot of art.

Most of the time I don't take it particularly seriously, and I don't think I'm unusually talented at it, but I do enjoy it and I do use visual art as a medium for conveying ideas pretty frequently.

If I spend a lot of time on something, it comes out pretty nice--but I don't often spend a lot of time on drawings. Most of my drawing is for webcomics, and to be honest they're hastily doodled and used primarily to carry a story or a message.

Example of probably the best realistic pencil sketches I can do:


Example of messy pencil sketch for my fantasy story webcomic, Negative One

Example of chibi-style color art I usually use for my joke comic for writers, So You Write

Sometimes I go all the way to "superdeformed" style.

And sometimes I copy other cartoon styles for some reason, like I did for my Halloween Party poster. I do pretty well reproducing existing styles if I have a reference.

But yeah, if you asked me to say yes or no--nah, I'm not really an artist.


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