Saturday, December 19, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: December 12 – December 18

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I did a little shopping and went to Drink and Draw! It was a small group because I guess a lot of people are really busy during the holidays. Eric was wearing a Santa hat on top of his cowboy hat, haha.
  • Sunday I should have been writing but instead I was getting packages ready to mail for Christmas. And that I did. Also, I was playing a Steven Universe trivia game online, and ended up telling the creator that a couple questions had mistakes, which led to the creator giving me the keys and letting me fix them and add more questions. I added a LOT of awesome questions to the quiz and it's so fun.
  • Monday and Tuesday I got most of my stuff mailed and just went to work and did some reading and sleeping. I wasn't feeling very good. I usually go to Mom's on Tuesdays but my sister was supposed to be arriving the next day so I figured I'd just come over when they were there.
  • Wednesday I wrote out my holiday cards and tried to spend the day just being still. Jeaux and I just hung out at my house and ate Burger 21 food and talked about cartoons and feminism because that is what we talk about.
  • Thursday I did finally get to go to my mom's and see my sister, her husband, and my li'l nephew. I got a good-night hug and kiss from Ash that night! So cute! He's talking a lot and it's fun to hear him play little games and respond to prompts. It was lovely to see my sister and brother-in-law, and we all had Chinese food.
  • Friday I was still tired and stuff. I wrote a book review, did my comic, and lost my mind for a while because I found out Steven Universe is coming back from hiatus shortly after the new year (plus there was a minute-long teaser of the next episode!) and . . . well I get kind of excited about those things. KIND OF. Oh, and I got my statement for this half of the year, which means I'll theoretically get paid my next book money soon. And that always feels good!
    Places featured:
        • Brithistorian on Tumblr enjoyed my book and said he thinks "the world of asexuality is going to divided into before and after the publication of this book."
        • The Asexual Agenda included one of my posts about definition policing in the weekly linkspam.
              Reading progress:

              New singing performances:

              Here I'm singing "I Will Love You" by Fisher.


              New drawings:

              Webcomic Negative One Issue 0553: "Not Hate."

              New videos:


              New photos:  

              Santa Eric at Drink and Draw
              My tasty sandwich at Cafe Hey

              Little Ash looked like he was trying to take my pic, so I took his pic
              Ash is a tiny Jason Mraz.

              Ash with his parents in his cute jammies

              Me at work after getting cartoon news but being stuck at work
              so I couldn't properly flip out about it

              Also, haircut comparison photos.

              Front, February 2014
              Front, December 2015
              Back, February 2014
              Back, December 2015

              Social media counts: 

              YouTube subscribers: 5,246 for swankivy (7 new this week), 545 for JulieSondra (5 new). Twitter followers: 719 for swankivy (no change), 1,194 for JulieSondra (no change). Facebook: 286 friends (no change) and 184 followers (1 new) for swankivy, 628 likes for JulieSondra (1 new), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 116 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,310 (16 new).

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