Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Holiday Haul

I got a lot of cool stuff for my holiday gifts this year, so this will be my Present Post! (Unfortunately there are also a few instances where I know a present is eventually coming, but I have no idea when. This will surely be the bulk of it though.)

So! First: I received an Amazon gift certificate from my daddy, an eBook from my friend Hezekiah, and a Target e-gift-card from my friend Meghan. The virtual gifts cannot be displayed, but I am thankful for them nonetheless! THEY LOVE ME!!

Now the pics.

From my company president:
Gift certificate and a bag of candy, which I ate immediately.

From my mom and sisters and brothers-in-law:
I opened everything at once so I'm not 100% sure about who picked
certain stuff, but I got a book, sunglasses, a couple pairs of socks,
a magic wand, some straws, a candle, and a gift certificate!

From Jeaux:
A fleece blanket featuring Garnet from Steven Universe.
My only Steven gift, surprisingly!

From Kari:
Handmade magnet of one of my characters, with a
talk bubble for her to say vulgar things I'm sure,
and some pencil erasers and thingies.

From Mike:
A Spider Robinson book.

Also from Mike:
An Arrogant Worms CD. I didn't know it was from him
when it arrived because there was no identifying info, weirdly.

From Ms. Ronni:
A Rainbow Rowell book and a show tune CD.

From my boss:
Restaurant gift card, and bag of candy.
Which I, again, ate immediately.

From R.:
I got, like, a bunch of stuff? Books, DVDs, shirts, hats, things.


  1. haha the handmade character is so cute. :)

  2. I wanted to get you Steven stuff but there wasn't any on your wish lists and I had no idea what you'd already purchased or gotten already. :) I figured the book and CD would be safer. :)