Saturday, October 3, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: September 26 – October 2

Life news this week: 
  • This is apparently my five hundredth post on this blog?
  • Finished edits for my Pitch Wars mentee and sent her a couple epic letters! Good to have that bit completed.
  • An article I wrote was published in Mindbodygreen. It was adapted from a post I made on Tumblr.
  • My editor tweeted a photo of my paperback edition with some other fall releases!
  • Saturday was Drink and Draw, and Eric and I went out for Korean food before the event. I had some yummy dumplings. At the event, it was a little crowded but nice and low-key, and I got to have that veggie sandwich I fantasize inappropriately about. :D Eric had invented a robot that says rude things if you tweet at it.
  • I made a video about "Writing to the Market" on Sunday. Sunday was actually a really productive day. I did laundry and got all kinds of stuff done.
  • Stayed with my mom on Tuesday as usual. She had bought two frozen quiches and we cooked them and cut them in half and each had half of each. We both liked the spinach artichoke quiche and didn't care for the butternut squash one. I helped her carry a box spring and I stepped on her glasses and broke them. Oops.
  • Wednesday was Jeaux Day again. Our dinner was at Moe's, where I had my usual tofu burrito, and at my house we didn't really do much besides talk about cartoons.
  • Thursday was more new cartoons! I went to Jeaux's after work and we saw the new Steven Universe and listened to the new Night Vale. And again had my usual call with Victor during the wee hours.
  • We had a pizza party at work on Friday because we made some money. Yay!
  • I've begun planning my Halloween party. WHEEEEE.
New reviews of my book:
Places featured:
Reading progress:

  • Completed reading: Asexuality: A Brief Introduction by Asexuality Archive. Four-star review.
  • Currently reading: Steven Universe: Volume One by Rebecca Sugar, Jeremy Sorese, and Coleman Engle.

New singing performances:

Here I'm singing "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge.


New drawings:

Webcomic Negative One Issue 0542: "Trouble With Words."

New videos:

Writing to the Market

New photos:  

Me at Drink and Draw September, with Eric's poster.

Eric is setting up his rude robot.
Me with the FU Bot. Tweet at it (@therealFUbot) and it insults you.
The tiny Cokes I drink at Mom's are back.

Stack of fall releases from Skyhorse. My paperback is there!
Pizza party at work. Square pizza?!
Social media counts: 

YouTube subscribers: 5,097 for swankivy (10 new this week), 510 for JulieSondra (1 new). Twitter followers: 684 for swankivy (4 new), 1,183 for JulieSondra (14 new). Facebook: 287 friends (no change) and 182 followers (lost 2) for swankivy, 612 likes for JulieSondra (2 new), 55 likes for Negative One (1 new), 110 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,166 (16 new).

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