Friday, October 9, 2015

Paperbacks are here

When I got home from watching cartoons yesterday, there was a big box waiting for me at the door. Glad nobody stole it!

I wasn't expecting anything that size so I was a little surprised. But my book's title was on the outside label somewhere, so I figured I knew what was inside. But I hadn't been aware that I'd get ten more when the paperback came out! Surprise!

So I posted about it on Facebook and some silly things happened.

Me: A mysterious box was waiting for me when I got home today. I think it is a box of MY BOOK. I didn't know they would be sending me more, but I think this is 10 copies of my paperback! I have not opened it yet. Because I am weird.

Friends began commenting:

Heather: Nice!
Heather:  Eeee. Pics, pls.

So I posted this.

The masses were not too happy with my trolling.
Heather: Hahaha. As much as I LOVE pics of you with random generic boxes (who doesn't), I KINDA meant a pic of you with the BOOKS. ;)
Dallas: O.M.G. Open the box and tell us what's inside!!

Dallas: *dies waiting for the contents to be revealed*
Me: It's . . . Bubble wrap

Heather: ...
Dallas: -_-
Me: Books, you geeks!

Me: What a dork.

Me: Heee

And finally my pals were happy to see the contents of the package.

Are you?

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