Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Random Memory

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Share a random memory from your childhood.


One time my mom decided she didn't like an old halter top of hers anymore. 

The top, and my mom in the 70s

I don't know why she wanted to trash the top--it could be that it was old, or no longer appealing to her, or some other reason--who knows, I was a kid, I didn't get those things. She'd had it since before I was born, so maybe it was just time. All I knew was that she made her distaste for the garment known, and then she threw the top away.

I rescued it.

And then started hiding it around the house so she would find it.

I even put it in one of our breakfast cereal boxes one time and then deliberately asked for that breakfast so she'd find it.

I guess eventually she managed to actually throw it out, but I managed to annoy her with it a few times before that happened.

I had a weird sense of humor.


  1. That's so odd it's hilarious. I don't know from fashion but I think those things went 'out of style' some time in the 70s. That mighta been it.
    Your Mom looks good in it though, and appears to be about my age, so that pic's kinda taking me back.

  2. that is so funny, thanks for making me laugh.