Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Factoid: Broken Bones

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Have you ever broken a bone?

Answer: Nope.

Well this is an anticlimactic Wednesday Factoid, and I skipped the one before it in the list because it asks me "what song are you currently listening to?" and I'm literally not listening to anything so what am I supposed to do, but. I will elaborate a bit.

As far as I know I've never broken a bone. But it's possible I actually did once. I might have actually broken my face.

I never got it checked out because they don't DO anything for you really if you break your head. It's not like they can put a cast on your face. But it didn't cause me enough problems that I thought I needed medical attention. Still, for a couple of years afterwards, I could tell that my cheekbone had something weird about it and sort of shifted a little if I pressed on it wrong. It doesn't happen anymore so I guess it healed.

It happened when I fell off a truck in 2006. I was moving and I had gotten up inside the moving truck and it was raining. My friend who was helping with the moving had gone around to the front of the truck and I was in the back, and I slipped and fell right down into the parking lot, you know, face down. He came back around from the front and I was on the ground--he didn't see it happen.

It was pretty inconvenient because we were in the middle of moving and kind of had to keep going, but half my face was pretty destroyed from falling a good distance onto it and my hands and knees were all bloody too. I had to use a complicated collection of hairbands to anchor a big bag of ice onto my face so I could continue packing. It was pretty awful. Honestly I was lucky I didn't lose any teeth.

And then I got to have the great fun of going to job interviews with giant bruises on my face and hoping they didn't think I have a boxing hobby. Or worse.

Though I am still working at one of the jobs I interviewed for when I had a black eye so I guess it must not have been too off-putting.

I've never been particularly accident-prone or risk-seeking or even particularly adventurous, so I haven't had any other real opportunities to break myself, but that's the closest I got to it. :)

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