Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wow, that's a lot of blogging

I seem to have posted a new blog entry every single day for over a month. That's kind of a lot of blogging.

I love doing it and I'm always coming up with something to say, but I think in the next weeks I'm going to ease off a little--post a couple times a week or whenever I'm participating in something, because I have some projects and some writing I want to do and I should really try to pay more attention to those things. Blogging has never been hard for me, but I also wonder if blogging seven days a week consistently is kind of overkill for most people--that it might discourage people from reading if I post too much. Doesn't seem to be how things work on Twitter, but blogging, well, you know. Especially for someone long-winded like me. ^___^

Seems kind of silly for me to be blogging about not blogging, doesn't it. Oh well.

But tomorrow there will be pictures, because tonight, I'm having a Halloween party!

Yep, I'm having it early because I didn't want to compete with everyone else's Halloween parties. I have a lot of friends who might have ended up having to choose between my party and a mutual friend's party, so I decided to make it easier by having an earlier party.

I'm feeding everyone! It's mostly a dessert party. But there are also appetizers, some of which are healthier than the junk food. :) This is also a costume-optional party. Usually I get pretty obsessed with baking all the good stuff and then I pretty much forget about planning a costume until the last day or even the last couple hours before. This year, I decided to do something I've never done before.

I'm going to dress up as one of my characters.

(Any writers reading this ever done that?)

It's an easy costume and I already had all the pieces, so I just decided hey, I'm gonna do that. It'll be fun, and maybe a couple of my friends will even figure out who I'm supposed to be.

I've never been one of my own characters for Halloween before, but I've thought about it. Just never ended up doing it. The closest to it I've ever come was when I dressed as the original character one of my friends made up.

Me in college, dressed as my friend Jim's superhero
character, Electra.
So this will be interesting.

Can't wait to feed everyone until they're sick and check out the costumes. :)


  1. oh man, sounds like you're going to have one heck of a Halloween party, girl!! love the elektra costume! thanks for finding my blog. newest follower here, hi!

  2. Nothing wrong with a lot of blogging! Can't wait to see your pics from the Halloween party. :D

    Also, I nominated you for a little fun award over on my blog: No pressure to participate, it's just a silly little thang for fun (also cause I think you're cool).