Monday, October 28, 2013

30-Week Blog Challenge Week 8: Cravings

I'm back with the Monday blog challenge! The lady in charge is Marie at Mom Gets Real. The questions are right here:


And Week 8's prompt is . . .


Wow! What are my cravings?

Most people would probably think of food first here. I do. I tend to crave french fries or other potatoes. And mushroom soup. Artichokes. Hot bread. Corn with soy crumbles in it. Sometimes I weirdly crave apricots. And OMG, I LOVE hummus--I crave it pretty hard when I come home from work, and eat it with awesome wheat crackers. And every once in a while I really, really want a hot soft pretzel. Sweets I love and tend to crave include cardamom cookies, Pez, and green-apple-flavored candies.

But there are a few other things I crave too. I crave back rubs/back scratches (and I have not had one of those in several years--sad face). I crave being warm--I just absolutely love when I can slip under a blanket that was warmed in the dryer and warm myself up. Sometimes I crave certain songs--I might really want to hear a certain piece of music. And I love certain smells and will go out of my way to smell them sometimes--especially pine scents and vanilla scents and satsuma.

And I crave holding babies. :D

I think most of all, though, I crave being in my creative zone--there's a sort of hunger I'll get if I don't go there for too long, and I really relish it when I'm there again.


  1. that all sounds very nice, especially the blanket warmed in the dryer. you talked about back rubs - do you ever go on those chairs in the shopping centres that rubs your back? they can be quite hard, rough and pokey depending on what you like, if you're sensitive to soft or can take the prods. i didn't find them relaxing at all but some people do. i think you'd be a good babysitter if you like holding babies, you'd have to do all the nasty nappy changing etc but on the plus side you'd get to spend all day or all night with a baby, having fun with it. i bet they'd like you.

    1. Yes I love being warmed. :) I don't like the back rub chairs, nah. I don't really care for babysitting either, don't have much experience in child care, but babies do usually like me and I like them.