Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Everything At Once

So I had nothing in particular planned for Asexual Awareness Week. I figured I'd tweet a few things, write a few things, contribute to a video and make one myself, and I dunno, high five a few people.

Seems Asexual Awareness Week had other ideas of what it wanted to do with me.

Earlier this week I got a cool idea for an asexuality-related article discussing fluid sexual identity in association with asexuality. I pitched the idea to my editor at Good Vibrations--Carol Queen--and she told me to go ahead and write it. To be perfectly honest, I scratched it out at 4 AM that day and put it in the queue sometime around when the sun came up. She published it.

"Asexuality and Sexual Fluidity"

So my night-blogging experiment was deemed worthy of daylight and there it is. Carol also had it retweeted by the Good Vibes Twitter and it reached over 20,000 people. Yay.

Then other weird things happened. Unbeknownst to me, The Huffington Post has decided to cover Asexual Awareness Week. They posted this:

"Everything's A-Okay"

This happens to feature a collaborative video by the A-Okay folks, which I was asked to contribute to. The quote they use in the print portion, though uncredited, is something I said in the video.

And then I started getting all kinds of e-mail from people who had seen "your piece in the Huffington Post" and telling me about their lives, and I thought, uh, what piece? The collab video didn't really have a clear link to me unless you followed to my YouTube channel at the end and, followed by going to my website, followed by finding my e-mail. So I figured I must be somewhere else too. And I was!

"'Asexuality: An Overview' By Julie Decker Explains A Frequently Misunderstood Identity"

Holy name recognition, Batman. Well, that explains that.

And now I am being contacted with multiple mainstream media requests and whatnot. Plus quite a lot of personal e-mail from people who resonated with my message. Wowie. I think they all want to get me before Asexual Awareness Week is over.

So . . . lots to look at, folks! Stay tuned for more news when I have it.

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