Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween: The Strangers' Reunion

Now that Halloween is on its way, I thought I'd share a treat!

You all know I like to write, but did you know writing is not the only muse that distracts me and tempts me? That's right, I like to sing.

I like to think I'm pretty decent at it. I used to do singing competitions in high school, achieving superior ratings at the contests and making All-State choir all four years. I passed all the necessary auditions to major in music in college. I sing at karaoke and manage to make a surprising number of strange drunk women stumble up to me to say I sound just like the original artist. It's not something I want to do professionally, but I love singing.

And though I am not a songwriter, I have on occasion written songs. The following is a Halloween song I wrote one year after a friend dared me to (long story). I had it sitting around as a raw file on my website with no backup music for years, until a fellow named Edward found it and added the instrumentals you hear here. (Because we'd never met, he named our mini-collaboration "Strangers' Reunion.") I'm doing the singing and I wrote the tune and lyrics.

[If player doesn't work for you, try here.]

This is a very Pagan Halloween song (well, because I'm Pagan), and it's about what Halloween (Samhain!) can symbolize from a Pagan perspective.

The lyrics:

Winter's on its way and the sun has had its day
On this special night the veil will lift and fall away
Halloween is here and the children clap and cheer
But for the heathen wanderers a special time is near

Oh Samhain is the time when the spirits are in their prime
And those of us who listen can now sing with them in rhyme
Halloween, Halloween, the dead who walk in shadows walk tonight on fields of green
Halloween, Halloween, our friends and loved ones, once departed, rise up and be seen 

On Halloween I honor my departed grandparents Maura and Herb, my friends Steve and Brian, my friend's recently deceased mother Vera, and my very good friend Mikey P who loved Halloween and hugs.

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  1. I wish I could sing well. I usually only sing around my kids.