Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Wedding Ring

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: If you're married and wear a ring, what is your wedding ring and/or engagement ring like? For unmarried/un-engaged folks, what kind of wedding and/or engagement ring would you like to have?

Nah, I'm not married and don't wear rings.

I don't really mind the idea for others, but I don't think I like it for me. I'm not really into wearing a specific piece of jewelry every day, though there were times in my life when certain jewelry pieces were almost always worn so I guess if I had a reason in the future to change my current preferences, they could always change again. I don't really like rings much. 

I don't plan to get married or engaged so I don't really have a reason to answer this question. I think a lot of people who are unmarried still have thoughts about what they'd want their wedding or other related aspects of it to be like, and I have to say I do not. I never fantasized about myself in a white dress (not even when I was a kid, though I did just kinda assume when you grew up you got married so I figured it would definitely happen to me). I never thought hey, when I get married, I want my ring to look like this.

So I have no answer to this question at all.

Weirdly, some people have said I should wear a wedding ring so I can communicate the same "taken" image that makes potentially interested parties leave people alone, but no thank you. There is also a somewhat well-known (within the community) asexual practice of wearing a black ring as a symbol of asexuality, but I don't do that.

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