Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I signed up for NaNoWriMo

So that about sums that up.

I once even wrote a blog post partially about why I will never do National Novel Writing Month, but I guess I never foresaw a future where I would do what I've been doing lately: going a couple years without writing any new fiction beyond comics. (Not that the comics are nothing. I keep up my weekly schedule of putting out a new fantasy comic on Fridays, and that's kept the juices flowing somewhat, but it's not the same as writing a novel.)

Some of my friends are joining me NaNo-ing for the first time or connecting existing NaNo accounts with mine. If you read this blog and you're interested in being one of my writing buddies, go ahead and look up swankivy. (I've had a few issues with being able to find people and having them able to find me, though. One of my friends found a way around this by going to the mail feature and putting my username in to receive a message, and then adding me as a buddy from there. I don't know why the author search hasn't been working for us.)

I like to think I'll handle it the same as I handle any other obligation I've ever taken on: I take it seriously and fulfill it, especially if it has to do with writing. But it's been a while since I banged out a novel and I'm planning to write one for which I've done no preparation, except that it's based on some characters in a short story I wrote eighteen years ago.

I am kinda annoyed about the genres we can choose from for our novels, too. You can't indicate it's fantasy AND YA, or YA AND LGBT+. I wish they wouldn't try to list age categories and subject matter as "genres." (In case you're wondering, yes, I'm planning to write about gay teenage aliens.)

Anyway. I'll start working on it come November 1, even though that's a ridiculous day for me and then I'll be hopping on a plane to go to a wedding. I'm sure I can do it. At least I'll have some writing-related updates for this blog again, for once!

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