Saturday, October 13, 2018

Personal Digest Saturday: October 6 – October 12

Life news this week:
  • Saturday involved getting my blogging done early and working on my asexuality presentation which I will be giving soon in Massachusetts. Then I organized my comic book inventory and made some posts about variants I'm missing, and got into working on shaping my wig so I can dress up as Garnet for Halloween!
  • Sunday I sat at my table and answered mail, bought some more comics, did my karaoke and laundry, and finished my Garnet wig. I got a message from one of the people who draws Steven Universe official comics, offering to help me get missing variants because of that post I made. Wow!
  • Monday was busy with utility coordination and letters of response. I also got some business squared away with the comic artist who's helping me get variants--turns out I'll be getting them for really cheap (considering what they're worth) too. The artist said to consider it a thank you for all the nice reviews over the years. How cool is that. After work Jeaux picked me up to help him at his house, and then we watched a cartoon special and ate pizza. (Cartoon Network had a crossover event and Steven Universe was involved, so I got to watch my favorite character interact with other cartoons. Fun!)
  • Tuesday I had to take the day off to go with my mom to the Social Security office. She has a lot of trouble staying organized so I was there to help her bring the documents and to help her understand whatever they said. It went really smoothly, considering it was government stuff. Then she trimmed my hair for me so I'd look nice for the trip, and she helped me figure out how to hang my antique mirrors. We didn't get them hung because it's hard, but I learned enough to do it myself. After she left I took a little nap and then Arthur came over with Thai food. We watched cartoons (Episode 129, "Stuck Together," through episode 134, "Gemcation"). I also got my new Steven Universe coloring book and colored the first page.
  • Wednesday I came back to work and found out we won a big job! A $65 million job! (Okay we're a subconsultant so that's not all our money, but woweee!) We had apple turnovers to celebrate. I fielded requests to show pictures from the coloring book and dealt with other work stuff until Jeaux picked me up and took me to the comics shop, then we went to eat at Applebee's and shopped at Publix. I had to spend a lot of money because I am throwing a big party next week. Woo! We came back to my place and watched our TV shows. I also bought some new plants!
  • Thursday I organized stuff at work and also got my fliers and whatnot together for my presentation. Also bid on one of the very few comics I don't own on eBay--I hope I get it. I got some drawings done at home but Victor didn't want to talk so I did it without talking to him. I also made a Happy Breakfast--two eggs for eyes, a strawberry nose, and fake bacon for a mouth. I'm silly.
  • Friday I worked and had a pretty good day. Very tired though. I spent some time on a letter of response and some supporting documents. After work I finished my webcomic and cleaned up the house a little.
New reviews of my book:

Articles, Interviews, Mentions:

Reading progress:
  • Finished this week: I haven't finished the book I was reading, but I did write a five-star review for the Steven Universe coloring book, of course.
  • Currently readingThe Basic Eight by Daniel Handler.
    New singing performances:

    This week's song was "The Loco-Motion" by Little Eva.

    Stuff Drawn:

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0700: "Holding Hands."

    New videos:


    New photos:

    My wig for the Garnet Halloween costume is coming along well. B)
    New plants! Well the mint I already had. Others are new!
    Happy Breakfast! Inspired by "Keystone Motel."

    Social Media Counts:

    YouTube subscribers: 5,249 for swankivy (lost 2), 679 for JulieSondra (1 new). Twitter followers: 969 for swankivy (no change), 1,340 for JulieSondra (5 new). Facebook: 295 friends (no change) and 205 followers (2 new) for swankivy, 653 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 58 likes for Negative One (no change), 145 likes for So You Write (2 new). Tumblr followers: 2,510 (no change). Instagram followers: 155 (no change).

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