Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Writing By Hand

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: When do you write by hand?

I write by hand every day, but that's mostly because I have kept a handwritten daily journal for the last sixteen years.

Besides that, I hand-write phone messages and calendar entries while I'm at work, and sometimes I hand-write letters to friends, but not often. I used to write my novels by hand but I've pretty much phased that out. Sometimes I write a webcomic storyboard by hand if I'm not near a computer but want to write one. (I prefer to write the storyboards on the computer now so I can cut and paste them into my program where I render the talk bubbles, but I used to write every storyboard on the back of scrap paper.)

And then sometimes I'll just write a caption or comment on a drawing I did, so I guess that counts!

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