Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Family Hobbies

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What hobbies have been passed down in your family?

Hm. Well, this is an odd one maybe. My parents are both a little artsy--my mom is handy/crafty, and my dad is musical. But it seems like the arts my mom was into never stuck for me, while the ones that came from my dad's side seemed more natural for me.

My mom's good at sewing, can make stained glass crafts, has dabbled in all kinds of stuff like revamping furniture and arranging flowers, and had her own macramé business when I was a kid. I learned a little macramé from her but didn't do anything with it.

But my dad was from a musical family, and he played a few instruments, while both his parents were singers and his sister was a visual artist (painting, drawing, photography). I got the music bug pretty good and learned piano from my father, played violin in middle school, later joined the high school chorus, participated in audition-only competitive All-State choirs, and majored in music.

And one of my sisters is artsy the same way my dad's sister is in a lot of the same things. I like to draw and do crafts too but I don't think it's really on that level.

What's also kinda interesting is how ALL of us are language nerds of some kind. My grandmother (on my dad's side) taught English, and a bunch of us have somehow ended up in editing or writing-related positions, and language glitches tend to drive us up the wall. So I guess that counts too!

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