Saturday, September 24, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: September 17 – September 23

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I did some sketches to prepare for Drink and Draw and packed my stuff for the evening, and did some minor cleaning around the house. Then that night I went out to the art club event and saw Victor there--first time I've seen him since he got out of the hospital. We all hung out and drew pictures and had fun! I got a webcomic done and the beginning of some fan art.
  • Sunday was pretty lazy. My sister P called and so I talked to her part of the day while doing chores, and then I did some ukulele practice, e-mail, karaoke, and entertainment. I made a new recording of a song I learned on ukulele. I might start doing that regularly.
  • Monday was very full. I had to go back to work and had a busy day, and one of my writer friends that I'd been coaching and supporting got offered agency representation so I was very excited for her. It probably sounds weird but I also decided officially to try to lose a few pounds, so I'm sort of on a lazy diet that involves just trying to eat less food.
  • Tuesday was just focusing on a proposal at my office, and then I hung out with my mom after work. I baked her favorite biscuits and she brought soup. We ate together and hung out, and I helped her a little with her computer.
  • Wednesday I busied myself with proposal stuff some more, met Jeaux for PDQ food and discussion of drama, and listened to Night Vale. He also wanted me to watch the first episode of a show called The Good Place but I did not like it at all. I also drew a picture and did some treadmill reading! Oh, and I received some new toys I bought. They're cartoon figures of course.
  • Thursday I was a little sad because this is the first Thursday in more than two months where we have not had a new cartoon episode. I guess I'm spoiled. I worked on the proposal at work all day and turned it in at the end of the day. And I wrote a storyboard for my comic. And I found out an old friend that I hadn't talked to in a while is actually dead, and I never knew. That was very sad. I called my mom and told her about it because she kinda knew who he was too. Then I talked to Victor that night and got a lot of my comic done. I for some reason decided to draw the comic in markers instead of pencil. Don't really care for the results.
  • Friday was a low-key day at work because I didn't have the proposal to worry about anymore. I did some contract stuff and catch-up work. Then at home I finished my comic and posted it.

New reviews of my book:
Interviews, Features, Mentions:
      Reading progress:
        New singing performances:

        This week's performance was "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul.

        New drawings:
        Fan art from Drink and Draw
        featuring Steven and Garnet and zappy hands
        Pencil art featuring my mood at not getting a new Steven Universe episode this week
        No one can cheer Baby Steven up!

        Webcomic Negative One Issue 0593: "Doing It Right."

        New videos:

        My "Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)" ukulele cover

        New photos:

        Eric is a loud man.
        Eric does NOT need that megaphone.
        Dork with a backpack at Drink and Draw.
        My friends and me at Drink and Draw.
        The beginning of what I drew at Drink and Draw.
        I crawled under my desk being excited for my friend's good news.
        Yet another new Garnet tee shirt.
        The debut of my "Let me drive my van into your heart" shirt.

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