Saturday, September 17, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: September 10 – September 16

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday I of course did not have work to walk to, so I got my daily steps for the "Step-tember challenge" on the treadmill. But the air conditioning was broken in the fitness room so it was pretty hot. 92ºF hot. And I did it anyway. Kind of a bad idea. The only thing I really did besides that was play my ukulele a lot! And I posted a video of the very first song I've learned on ukulele after one week of teaching myself. I know it's not good, but I just started!
  • Sunday was a semi-productive day. I made a video for my writing channel, played ukulele, did laundry and dishes and karaoke, made a birthday cake for my mom, set up a new computer for my mom's birthday present, went to the store for soda, did some reading while on the treadmill, and did some editing on my book.
  • Monday was busy at work and I had to do a bunch of research and phone calls. I also helped a friend with some agent advice. Then it was pouring when I was trying to leave the office so my office manager drove me home! Then I had my mom over and we ate rice and birthday cake. (I don't think she really liked the cake though.) We did a Skype session with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew so they could watch my mom open her present. I did a silly thing where I had her open the power cord and when she didn't know what it was I was like "Oh it's the power cord to this" and gave her a new laptop. She was surprised!
  • Tuesday it was busy at the office again. I did my grocery shopping after work and got a compliment on my Keep Beach City Weird shirt from the bagging person. Hooray for cartoon nerds! Then at home I did some processing on the video I recorded over the weekend, and did some relaxing.
  • Wednesday I was busy with admin stuff, and met Jeaux for Chipotle after. We didn't really do anything--just lazed around with no agenda. And I let him read my copy of The Answer. After he left I drew a picture for the next day's cartoon.
  • Thursday was a weird day. I had fallen asleep on the floor and got myself up and into the bed for a few more hours of sleep, and then I got awakened early because my office manager called to remind me that we had a lunch celebration for earlier in the day than I'm usually there. I jumped in the shower and walked to the office with plenty of time to spare, and then we ate at Outback. (I had a potato and broccoli!) Then I did a bunch of stuff for our projects and watched Steven Universe at Jeaux's house after work. It wasn't that exciting of an episode ("Onion Gang") but whatever. Then I chatted with Victor on the phone and drew my webcomic.
  • Friday's walk to work was weird because some dude tried to follow me and talked a bunch of nonsense along the way to get my attention. He eventually abandoned the attempt and I got to continue in peace. I had a short work day, went home, finished my comic, and played my ukulele. I also spent some time on the treadmill during the wee hours, 'cause that's fun.

New reviews of my book:
  • Goodreads says I have one new review this week, but I can't get it to show me anything newer than a review from two weeks ago. Can I just say I hate that you can sort reviews by "newest first" and it will literally still just put them in a random order?
Interviews, Features, Mentions:
      Reading progress:
        New singing performances:

        This week's performance was "Broken Strings" by James Morrison.

        New drawings:

        Episode doodle for "Onion Gang."

        Webcomic Negative One Issue 0592: "Where It Came From."

        New videos:

        My writing channel has a new video: Writing Characters with Special Skills.

        My "Giant Woman" ukulele cover


        New photos:

        Don't really have any pics this week but here's Mom's cake.

        And the haircut comparison photos:

        Front, February 2014
        Front, September 2016
        Back, February 2014
        Back, September 2016

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