Saturday, September 10, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: September 3 – September 9

Life news this week: 
  • Man, this was an active week on my feet! I'm participating in the "Step-tember Challenge" at work, wearing a pedometer and counting steps that we're all entering into a spreadsheet, competing against the other offices. So I'm doing a bunch of walking, including walking to and from work to get more steps. It's been . . . hot. And tiring. But very good for me, I think!
  • Saturday, in search of steps, I walked to the bus stop and rode to the mall. I got a bunch of reading done on the bus and got a number of things accomplished at the mall--including doing an exchange for when I bought the wrong toy, buying some new clothes, and eating a pretzel. Then on my way home I stopped in at Sam Ash Music to buy some violin rosin and ended up seeing a ukulele display that inspired me to buy a ukulele. I've never played ukulele before (except for a single lesson on the blues in a college class), so it was a brand new instrument for me! I got home, bought some pizza to be delivered to my friend who had no food, took a shower, and ate candy I bought at the mall. I finished the book I'd been reading and reviewed it online. Whee!
  • Sunday I did MORE walking!! I walked up the other side of the street and stopped to do some errands. I bought new bike lubrication for my chain, stopped at the craft store to get some art supplies (including a few new Copic markers!), got some new folders at the office supply store, and picked up a few groceries. Also, the art I'd dropped off at the craft store to have framed was ready, and a friend who works there offered to deliver it to me for free since it is big! HOORAY! I got home and showered, then taught myself a few songs on ukulele and drew a picture. Yay!
  • Monday I had Labor Day off from work so I did stuff at home. I tried to play DDR to get steps but the pedometer didn't record them very reliably so I guess that's out. I also did some reading--actually read and reviewed two books (though one was a children's book--The Answer came out and I read it immediately because Steven Universe you guys). Also did some blogging, did laundry, bought clothes online, and joined a place called Imzy. If you want an invitation, let me know. This is my (teeny) profile and I was invited to participate because there are some good asexuality conversations happening there.
  • Tuesday I got to work and found out we won a project we worked really hard on, so we were pretty excited. After work I went grocery shopping. Still walking so I was just walking my bike so I could carry my groceries in the basket. My mom was in my house when I got home so I unpacked and had a sandwich while she ate some cheese. We hung out and chatted about life. She didn't stay that long though. I made a clay statue and baked it in my oven, and then I tried the exercise room at my apartment complex's fitness center for the first time--to use the treadmill. I got my first recording of over 20,000 steps for the day! Beyond that, I played my new ukulele and watched YouTube.
  • Wednesday was super hot. I didn't do a lot at work, and met Jeaux after to eat at Moe's. He offered to walk so I would still be able to get my steps, haha! We hung out, watched a couple episodes of Stranger Things, and after he left I drew a picture for the next day's cartoon.
  • Thursday I did some of the usual tasks at work, then walked to Jeaux's where we finished off watching Stranger Things and got to see that day's Steven Universe episode, "Last One Out of Beach City." It was really cute. Then on my walk home I got some food from Chipotle, which is the first time I've eaten there, and I had a chat with Victor on the phone while drawing my comic.
  • Friday wasn't too eventful. I worked, walked, and posted a comic. And watched some YouTube stuff and played some music. *shrug*

New reviews of my book:
  • No one cares about my book this week.
Interviews, Features, Mentions:
    • No one cares about me this week.
      Reading progress:
        New singing performances:

        This week's performance was "More Than Words" by Extreme.

        New drawings:

        This week's cartoon: "Last One Out of Beach City."
        They're going to a concert. Where Pearl will be a nerd
        and try to talk to a hot chick.
        Character request from Facebook:
        I drew Jenny and her grandmother Nanefua.
        Hey Steven Junior
        Why did I draw this

        Webcomic Negative One Issue 0591: "How We Honor."

        New videos:

        Not this week!

        New photos:

        Replenishing protein from all that walking!
        Expensive art, expensive framing--it's hung!
        Make sure you don't forget your Moon Goddess statue when you go on adventures.
        Here's a better look at her--the goddess statue I made.
        They MADE me eat cheesecake to help celebrate the win at work!
        What outrageous treatment!
        My new ukulele is aqua colored!

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