Monday, May 25, 2015

Tentative Vacation Schedule!

It's here! My travel week is here!

Tomorrow is my last day of work before I go blasting off to New York for all my incredible adventures. (Well, one hopes they will be incredible adventures.) For those who follow my blog who would actually care about my plans, here they are!


I'm leaving Tampa, flying up to New York with my dad who wanted to come to the events too, but I'm staying with my college roommate John and he's staying in a hotel. It's cool that we get to fly up together.

We'll arrive in the morning. But then we don't have a huge amount of chilling time before we have to go to not one but two awards ceremonies!

First awards ceremony: Next Generation Indie Book Awards at the Harvard Club, 5 PM. I won in my category so I'll get a medal and stuff. 

Second awards ceremony: IPPY Awards at Providence NYC, 6 PM. Obviously since these two events freaking overlap I am going to be late to this one, but I talked to the organizers and they seem to be assuring me that it is a pretty low-key operation. Plus the category in which I won my award--the silver medal--is one of the last ones to be called, so I shouldn't miss it.


I'm hanging out with Natalka, my Pitch Wars alternate from last year, in the early afternoon. We haven't figured out where we're meeting up yet but we're going to get lunch and go shopping or something.

Then in the evening I'm going to see A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder with my dad and my aunt. My old college roomie John, who's hosting me, is one of the producers of the musical (and he won a Tony for it!), so he got us friends and family tickets. :D

FRIDAY, May 29:

My only plans for Friday include having brunch with my agent. My host John said something might happen that night but I don't know if it will come through or if I will be involved. There's also a possibility that I'll do something else with my family. But it would probably be cool to have a night that I don't have to go out, so.


Nothing's happening except John's party; his birthday is June 3 and he's having his party a week early because of Tony Awards stuff happening the next week. I'm happy that my plans will not involve having to go out. I guess I'll just help John with the party and like go to it and stuff. Maybe meet some cool people.

SUNDAY, May 31: 

Another day that I have no plans at all yet, which I am grateful for. But maybe I will go see a show or do something with family, again. I figure something will happen that someone else will plan, but I am just as happy to stay home and chill.

MONDAY, June 1:

The Lambda Awards! I probably will not go out or do anything until the evening, because this is the big event I'm coming to New York for. My book is a finalist for the Lammy Award in LGBT Nonfiction and I'm attending the cocktail reception and awards ceremony at the Cooper Union and then going to the after-party at the Scholastic Greenhouse & Terrace.

TUESDAY, June 2:

And then my dad and I fly back to Tampa! The end.

I am not a big fan of traveling and don't really like dealing with all the upheaval and excitement, but I do really like hanging out with people I haven't seen in a long time or getting to chill with friends and family. I like the people aspect (though as an introvert it's also overwhelming sometimes and I need to retreat and have me time). Hopefully I will be able to keep things relatively calm and handle everything okay.

I've got my stuff packed (because packing is stressful for me so I did it early), and I've got a transit app downloaded for my phone so it'll be harder to get lost (but I'll probably manage to do it!), and I've got most of the things done that I needed to get done before traveling. Now I'm just going to spend my day off work catching up on things and trying to relax.

My Personal Digest update will sure be interesting on Saturday!

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  1. Haha, I always pack early for travel too so I can get it out of the way.

    Hope you have lots and lots of fun :D