Saturday, May 16, 2015

Personal Digest Saturday: May 9 – May 15

Life news this week: 
  • I guess there's not really an official big announcement, but the Next Generation Indie Book Awards posted this list of winners and finalists recently and I'm on it, so . . . here we go, my fourth book award. I'm the winner in the LGBT category. YAyyyyYY!
  • Saturday was Spend Money Day. I had to buy a bunch of stuff for my upcoming trip and I hate waiting for the last minute so shopping happened. Got new shoes and a new purse. I also made a new video, redecorated my apartment, and made cookies and biscuits for my mom, all on the same day. It was kind of a busy scene.
  • Sunday was Mother's Day and I hung out with my friend Sarah in the morning (went out to eat at Panera) and then I went to my mommy's house. Where I fed her biscuits and cookies and also brought tomato soup, oh and I gave her a skirt for her present. And Lindsay came over too! Hadn't seen her since January. She stayed all day, and Patricia called on Skype so we could "hang out" with her and baby Ash, who provided quite a show for us pushing his mommy down for fun and making all his adorable babbles for us.
  • Got some edits done on a short story that is going to be published soon and sent it in to the editor. Woo-hoo! Done!
  • I created a contest for my Negative One webcomic readers to enter. Since the comic hits TEN YEARS AS A WEBCOMIC on May 20, I'm accepting entries into this contest and I made a little trivia quiz to go with it (helps earn points for the contest). And I drew a little illustration to accompany it. The contest is here.
  • Jeaux Day was food at IHOP and inconsequential hanging out at my house. We're such nerds!
                New reviews of my book:

                Places featured:
                Reading progress:

                New singing performances:

                Here I'm singing "Orinoco Flow" by Enya.

                New drawings:

                The illustration for my Ten Year Contest for Negative One.

                Webcomic Negative One Issue 0522: "Birds and Bees."

                New videos:

                Letters to an Asexual #27: My video about aromanticism! 

                New photos:  

                The donut I got as a reward for winning the Next Generation Indie Book Award.
                My latest wardrobe addition: Another Steven Universe shirt. (I now have four if you're counting.)
                And here are my haircut comparison photos since the 15th has come and gone again:

                Back, February 2014
                Back, May 2015
                Front, February 2014
                Front, May 2015

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                1. Your hair grows so fast! Gah! It looks amazing, too. Really shiny and healthy! It'll be back to your butt in no time! And your Orinoco Flow gave me chills! Your high notes! <3

                  1. Thank for the compliments on my hair! It does grow fast, which is not so great when I have to cut my bangs all the time but very nice since I want it to grow back to where it was and be Rapunzel-like again. And seriously on the song, that's so nice of you to say! The high notes are the easiest part of that song for me. I wish there were more high songs. I am not as good at belting and singing low, but high notes are where my voice is happiest!