Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm in the news again

I'm afraid it's Monday and I am feeling too lazy to blog about anything original, so I guess I'll just tell you that I did an interview for US News and World Report last week and it's been published today.

Check out the article: "Asexuality: The Invisible Orientation?"

I'm pleased because the article features several perspectives even though it is a very light, straightforward piece--and they didn't feel compelled to include so-called "balancing" perspectives like pieces such as this usually do. (I mean that it's VERY common for mainstream news to find a mental health practitioner who bleats about the dangers of labeling yourself and the probability that we are lying or sick as if that sort of invalidation is actually the natural "other side" of the story. This article included professionals who had researched it explicitly and concluded that asexuality is not a disorder--with explanations as to why.)
And I must say the journalist was lovely to work with. I'm so happy that she ran a few things by me before publishing, because that's super unusual in this world. (I'm sure you guys remember some of my horror stories.)

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