Friday, May 22, 2015

I like my job

Unpopular opinion time: I like my job.

Like most authors who aren't, like, bestsellers, I obviously have a day job. I work at an engineering consulting firm and perform administrative duties 28 hours a week. I more or less entirely support myself on my part-time job.

I really like it here.

I've worked at the company for about eight years. It's a small office where everyone is in the same small building and we share a kitchen and meeting space but all have our own personal offices. It's small enough that I just get up and tell people they have a phone call instead of calling into their offices, and one pot of coffee is enough for everyone here.

My work is not particularly interesting, I'll give you that. It's sometimes tedious and repetitive, and I get to do the boring things no one wants to do (making copies, binding reports, calling people for meetings, processing mail, taking care of timesheets), but I am also frequently called upon to do minor graphics editing, computer troubleshooting and teaching, and document editing. (That last is my favorite. I get to format and edit our reports for clients. I'm the word person.)

But the thing is, it's the only place I've worked in my adult life where I've felt like my coworkers respect me and I don't have much stress. My boss is so approachable and mild-mannered and easy to work with, and nobody is breathing down my neck treating me like a disobedient child who needs to be constantly monitored to keep her on task. I'm trusted to do my job, and since I do it well, I keep getting good reviews, appropriate raises, and bonuses. (Yep, even the admin gets a bonus at my company!)

I have a great health plan, stock in the company, 401(k), and a really impressive allowance of paid time off and sick leave. But the major reason why I like working here is that it is a low-stress atmosphere where I can be useful and employ my skills in a support position; I don't have to spend my creativity or my mental energy at my day job, and they don't expect me to do so either. It is a support position that is designed to be a support position, and I am paid because I do the things the engineers want taken off their hands. It's not the kind of job a person would love--I kinda think of "I love my job" people as those who would do what they do even if no one paid them, like I do with writing, and that's not the case with my day job--but we have this weird fascination with wanting the thing we make money at to also be our fulfillment in everyday life. I get my fulfillment elsewhere, and get my paycheck from the office. It enables me to keep the roof over my head and the wheels turning so I can keep writing books and enjoying my life.

And it's pretty cool I get to decorate my desk and work space however I want, too. :)


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