Saturday, May 10, 2014

Personal Digest Saturday: May 3 – May 9

 Life news this week: 

  • I STARTED WRITING BAD FAIRY BOOK 2. I started it after 10 PM on Sunday and wrote 6,000 words the first day, and then due to illness and exhaustion and various interruptions, I wrote slower for the rest of the week, but added more on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The book is now at 12,675 words. Yay.

  • My editor at Skyhorse sent me proofs at the layout stage, so I got to see the page layout, font, and style of the interior of the book. How cool! But I have to have my approvals back to her in five days, so.
  • I finished Ryan's edits (finally) and sent them to him. I made over 2,000 comments on his book.
  • Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! I went with my friend Victor on the buses and checked out three comic book shops, and I got a few free comics. The first place we went was the best. And I got free coffee at a Wendy's for no apparent reason! I guess they just knew I was a woman who needed coffee?

  • Sunday I finally finished Ryan's edits and sent them to him. I ended up making over 2,000 comments on the book!

  • I made cookies for my sister for her birthday. :)
  • I've been discussing whether I will be going to the international asexuality conference in Canada next month. But I'm going to have to put a rush on my passport if I am going to get to go.

  • Ate at Red Elephant with Jeaux on Wednesday, and we listened to Night Vale and watched an episode of Orphan Black.
  • I made a Friday appointment to see the doctor because after over a year of my back and my hip bothering me off and on and more than a month of consistent pain, I thought it was time I find out what's going on. The doctor doesn't really know for sure but he suggested maybe trochanteric bursitis (joint inflammation thing), and maybe he's right because I took one pill of the anti-inflammatory and my symptoms reduced within hours.
Places featured: 
  • I was not in any articles or famous-like things this week, but someone on AVEN did see my name in an old meetup thread and went on for a while about "I had no idea she lived in Florida! She's SO COOL! We have to get her to come to another meetup!" ^___^
Reading progress:
  • Finished Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith. ★★★★
  • Currently reading Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy.

New singing performances:

Recorded "The Fox" by Ylvis. Yes, this is an exceedingly silly song.

New drawings:

Webcomic Negative One Issue 0469: "It Explains."

New videos:

None this week.

New photos:
Me with my comics at Free Comic Book Day!

My friend took this series of photos when I was making weird faces whilst drinking coffee.

Me with my stack of journals.
I was trying to see if it was as high as Austin's in Grasshopper Jungle.
Here I am with some of my proofs. I have to examine the
layout and approve it to my publisher. :)

Social Media Counts:

YouTube subscribers: 3,323 for swankivy (21 new this week), 336 for JulieSondra (no change). Twitter followers: 478 for swankivy (1 new), 386 for JulieSondra (15 new). Facebook: 246 friends (dropped one) and 122 followers (dropped one) for swankivy, 337 likes for JulieSondra (no change), 46 likes for Negative One (no change), 68 likes for So You Write (2 new). Tumblr followers: 1,315 (9 new).


  1. Hmm I might need editing help in the future. I'm on the second draft of this novel. I need to write it faster. But at the end of the day I'm all out of spoons from work.

  2. You are off to an awesome start for Bad Fairy. Won't take you long.

    1. Thanks. :) I hope not too, but I have a lot of other things I have to do (like family visit stuff, sister wedding stuff, and stuff I have to do for my book that will be published in September!).