Monday, May 12, 2014

30-Week Writing Survey: Week 6: Where do you write?



Today's question: Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

Depends on what I'm writing actually. For some reason just about everything in my first series, The House That Ivy Built, was written using pen and paper. (The first book was actually written so each chapter was in a different color pen. It's rainbow!)

Negative One, my webcomic, is related to THTIB and I always storyboard on pen-and-paper too. Despite being a webcomic, it's pretty traditional since I draw it with pencil and don't do any fancy digital stuff except for adding talk bubbles.

Not sure WHY I like to use pen and paper to write these stories, but it just seems like I want to be sprawled on a floor or a bed. The only thing that's frustrating is that the writing hand struggles to keep up. I'm an extremely fast typist and that REALLY helps when your brain is going a mile a minute.

Everything else besides the THTIB universe gets written on the computer. I usually compose at my desk while using my desktop computer, but have done some writing on my laptop in the last year or so. (Because, you know, that was when I got a laptop.) I prefer sitting at the desktop, though, and only switched to the portable computer at certain times because my back was bothering me. I was taught in ninth grade typing class that you're supposed to sit up straight with your feet on the floor and your hands typing with the wrists lifted; my teacher said if we didn't learn this good posture now, we'd regret it later. To this day I automatically sit with a remarkably straight posture while typing. It looks kind of funny. Like a concert pianist, especially with the raised wrists thing. But all these years later, for someone who types as MUCH as I do, it's probably the only reason I don't have carpal tunnel syndrome.

I am mostly a night-writer mainly because I'm a day worker, but I can literally write at any time of day. I have even written fiction while at work. My favorite time to write is during the wee hours because no one is bothering me on the phone and the city is sleeping and no loud neighbors intrude. 

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