Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On to Interior Edits

So now I'm on to the next part of the plug-and-chug aspects of the publishing journey. I have been issued a PDF of the interior of my book, and I got to comment on its layout, font, whatever else I wanted to comment on.

It's kind of cool clicking through and seeing how my words will really look on the page. Especially with those official-looking footers and page numbers.

Check this out! I have a title page!


Hey, and look, my publisher has a logo!

They're a new imprint of Skyhorse, if you didn't know; they launch in the fall, with my book.

What I've really liked about this editing experience so far is how accessible my editor is and how friendly she's been. A lot of wannabe writers think approaching publishing will mean getting ordered around by some corporate jerk who insists that you rewrite your book their way, but your editor is just a person--someone who knows more than you probably do about presentation and processing of text, and who can help guide you through making your writing more accessible to your reading audience. It's been nice to feel I can float ideas and discuss possibilities with my editor without feeling like my input is unwelcome. After all, it's my book, right?

So far I must say going through edits is not at all traumatic or frustrating or even particularly difficult, though some parts of it are tedious--I'm a perfectionist and I don't want to just glance over the book without giving it a good look, since I know I'll regret it if I miss something I later wished I could change. But after this stage, I'm going to move into proofreading, so I'll still have a chance to kill any mistakes or problems.

Soon, I'll have a book. :)

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