Thursday, April 3, 2014

My first author panel

This past weekend I was asked to replace a canceling author on a local author panel. And it was pretty cool. I took video.

Ryan Meany is a local writing teacher and he writes mostly short stuff and literary fiction. Ron Riekki writes everything--short stories, novels, poetry, articles, and TV shows. And I was there being the genre fiction slob. Rocking my Night Vale shirt, lolz. I read a selection from Bad Fairy. (Just the prologue.)

If you watch the video on YouTube, the video description allows you to jump around to each speaker's read-aloud selection and also lets you browse the questions we were asked (and jump to those!). It was mostly us panelists talking to each other, to be honest. We asked each other more questions than the audience asked us. Writers are weird.

After the panel we went out to dinner at some place that was literally called Rotten Ralph's. (Everyone else liked their food, but I didn't care for mine.) We pretty much did more of what we'd done on the panel except with more irreverence. When we were talking about poetry and I mentioned a high school friend of mine who "would translate his poem titles into Latin just to make them more pretentious," Ryan agreed that that was the line of the day.

They also teased me about being marketable (because, again, I am the genre fiction slob) and Ron wondered aloud which of my yachts I prefer. Those guys have quite a sense of humor.

I wonder if I will hang out with them again. . . .

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