Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Holiday and Birthday Gifts

So maybe it's weird to be writing about holiday presents in April? But my birthday and the winter holidays are pretty close together, so I usually do my "swag" post featuring both, and then . . . I kept putting it off because people kept promising me late presents. And I thought, uh, it's already ridiculously late, so why not wait more?

I waited more.

One of the presents still hasn't come. But I don't even have plans to see that person anytime soon, so now that I've received the next-to-last lingering gift, I will go ahead and share with you the stuff I got. Haha.


From my job:
Candy and a gift card!
From Jeaux:
An mp3 player!
From Laura:
"Mistress of Evil" nail polish!
From Mike:
Invisibility book!
From Mommy:
Awesome huge purple blanky!
From Patricia:
Ninja cookie cutters and shirt!
From R:
CDs, case, jewelry, shirts!
From Ronni:
Satsuma gift set!
From Daddy:
Subscription to Asimov's!
From Victor:
Pizza cones & fun books!
From Stacy:
Books--Screwed, Before You
Suffocate Your Own Fool Self,
Watch Your Mouth!


From Whitney:
Gray set of Copic markers!
From Cara:
Sun toy, socks, heart warmer!
From Jeaux:
Barnes & Noble gift card!
From Meghan:
Barnes & Noble gift card!
From Mike:
DVD, candy, coffee shakers!
From Mommy:
The Power of Habit book!
From R:
Jewelry, clothes, CDs/DVDs!
From Ronni:
Hyperbole and a Half book!
From Stacy:
Books by Snicket & Green!
From Steve:
Target gift card!
From Victor:
Movies, candy, and

I'm so lucky to have so many nifty people who get me cool things tailored to my interests. Not only do a lot of people love me; they actually know me. :D

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  1. hah look at the shine on that 'Invisibility' book - it's like it's made of sunshine; so bright!