Thursday, April 24, 2014

First Edits

Well, my life has been a bit overwhelming lately, largely because my day job had several large obligations on top of one another and I was instrumental in making all of them come together, so I had to work "long hours." I put "long hours" in quotes because my job is part-time and I normally work 28 hours a week, so anything over 30 hours feels quite long--and I worked my allotted 28 in the first three days of the week. But it was kinda cool that this week of stress was coupled with Administrative Professionals Day, for which my co-workers got me a sweet little card and gift card.

Anyway, besides that and PLANNING FOR MY SISTER'S BRIDAL SHOWER (whee presents!), I have been dealing with . . . dun-dun-DUN . . . MY PUBLISHER'S FIRST EDITS on the asexuality book! Yay.

After hearing the horror stories of rubbing up against a deadline to complete massive edits, I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult than this to deal with the first round of edits, but it was 100% smooth sailing. I mean yeah, I had a "within 10 days" deadline, and I didn't even open the edits until a couple days after I got them because I was buried with other things, but hey. There were like three minor questions from my editor about word choice, and other than that it was mostly consistent formatting and word usages she tweaked, including the following:
  • Deleting extraneous uses of "that"
  • Deleting unnecessary uses of "in order to"
  • Correcting misuse of "that" vs. "which" (I guess I have a grammar glitch of my very own!)
  • Adjusting the punctuation/superscript use around my footnotes
  • Putting words I'd quoted in italics instead (like "the term 'asexual' means . . .")
I have reviewed them all and just want to go over them another time before sending back to my editor.

She also told me she thinks it's a very important book and was very eye-opening, and that it wasn't dull to read (okay, well, good!!). She can't wait to get it out to the reading public, and I can't wait to share it. :)

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