Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wednesday Factoid: Driver's License

When and how did you get your driver's license?

Well this is a question that doesn't apply to me! I don't have a driver's license.

Technically I guess my learner's permit counts as a driver's license. I signed up for the required drug-related course when I was still in high school and I took it over the summer--it was just one long, very boring seminar type thing where I had to attend and I think take an assessment, but I'm not sure--it sure was a long time ago. What I do remember is that my friend Jenna was unexpectedly in the class and I felt like screwing around with her during class is what saved my sanity. It was really, really boring.

Then I went to the DMV and got my photo taken and got my restricted license. I was about 15 and a half, I think. I then proceeded to not really learn anything about driving. I did not take driver's ed and I was pretty unenthusiastic whenever one of my parents offered to let me drive. My mom kinda pushed me a little and then I felt like she was REALLY critical sometimes, which felt alarming rather than helpful, so I was kind of scared to do anything wrong or make a mistake. It's not her fault that I wasn't into it, though. I never even liked to drive the golf cart or play driving video games.

My Learner's License photo at 15

My friends were all at least a year older than me and most of them were eligible to get their licenses before I could, so going out with my friends was possible without me having to get a license. I just leaned on that while I was in high school, and my little sister learned to drive ahead of me, and I went to college without learning how. I rode a bike and the bus for ten years in my college town, and then when I came back to Tampa, I still didn't get a license. I couldn't have afforded a car at that point anyway.

Years later, after ten more years with my job, the office shut down and I was cut loose to find new work. I took some driving lessons, which was possible because I continued to keep my learner's license up to date (Florida is one of the only places you can do that without renewing it every year and re-doing certain classes and stuff!), but I still never did go get some practice in and get the license.

Maybe I'll have to answer this question again if I ever do it. :D

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