Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: Dream Car

Today's Wednesday Factoid: What is your dream car?

Oh nooooo, I have NO good answer to "dream car." I've never had a dream car. Actually, I was recently discussing that funny thing kids do to predict their futures, the MASH game, and how you had to include three car possibilities in your list. I was confused as a kid as to what to even put in those "car" blanks. I didn't really know types of cars. I didn't care about them and couldn't really tell them apart, so it was a surprise to me that distinctions honestly existed.

I also don't drive so I can't talk about cars from experience. I think, though, if I were to become rich and want to buy a car that someone could drive me around in, I would like a small and funky car--one that is good for the environment (electric car would be nice) and has good mileage stats. I like fun colors, so I would probably be that jerk who bought a pink or bright green car, and I guess I would probably also be that jerk who covers the back in bumper stickers representing my tastes, opinions, and personality. Some people say you shouldn't do that because why tell other people what your values are when they might get mad and hurt you in traffic or vandalize your car, but I don't know how much I believe in that.

I don't know what type or shape I would want! I think the digital display for backing up technology, built-in connection options for music and navigation, and a decent sound system that isn't focused on booming bass would be nice. And I figure as long as the trunk is big enough for occasional groceries and supplies, I am good.

I'd probably put fun decals on the sides too. I am pretty tacky.

What else. Four doors? Not a little sports car but pretty compact. Doesn't need to go fast, just needs to be safe and efficient.

What can I say. I don't dream about cars.

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