Saturday, December 8, 2018

Personal Digest Saturday: December 1 – December 7

Life news this week:
  • Saturday I finished a transcript and posted a video I'd made earlier in the week, and was about to go to my mom's house to finish organizing her paperwork so she can do taxes, when my dad called and said my grandmother had passed away. I was very sad even though it was expected (well, obviously), and still went over to Mom's to organize her stuff. I made a good dent in it but she hasn't been doing too well with her health this year and her stuff was really disorganized. While organizing I talked to my sister about her travel plans, and my mom got me pizza but mostly just stayed in her room. I went home exhausted and went to sleep.
  • Sunday I was going to go back over and finish but I just couldn't make myself do it. Instead I spent some time writing an obituary for my grandmother, did a karaoke, and did my chores, plus got my blogging done since I just hadn't been able to handle it the day before. I did get some nice quiet time at my outdoor table too.
  • Monday I went to work but really didn't have a very productive day, surprise. I got permission to be off work for some family stuff, and I finalized obituary and photo stuff with my dad. I was too tired to go to Mom's again so I tried just cleaning up stuff at home and not really being awake, and finalized some stuff on what will go on my grandmother's headstone.
  • Tuesday I didn't go to work. I went to my mom's in the morning, ate cauliflower for breakfast (lol), and finished organizing her stuff. The neatness I made out of those mountains of papers was phenomenal but I forgot to take a picture. Then my mom took me home and my sisters both arrived in town at the same time (one flying from California, one driving from North Carolina) so sister L picked up sister P at the airport and came to have dinner with us. We ate Chinese food and talked a little. It was nice to see them, even though they were in town for sad circumstances. My sister Patricia stayed with me and my sister Lindsay went to Mom's. She was invited to stay with me too but I guess they had stuff to do together? Or maybe it was because they both smoke, haha. P and I had sister time and went to bed.
  • Wednesday I got up early and read a SU comic before Patricia got up. We had coffee and breakfast, and Lindsay picked us up bright and early to head to Sarasota for our grandmother's funeral. My sister is a good driver. We saw my dad and Connie at their house, headed out to the site, and had a cold, sad funeral. We did some short reminiscence and saw our grandmother put into her final resting place. Very sad, I did do a lot of crying. Really going to miss her, though I guess we've been missing her for some time. Then we went back to my dad's for food and a small gathering, and talked about our grandmother and looked through some of her things. It's really hard. Then the sisters and I made latkes and we all ate together, and it got pretty late. We went back to my place and did the same arrangements. It really was nice to see my family.
  • Thursday I only worked a half day--I stuck around at home until Patricia went to the airport. We had coffee and breakfast, and ate up some of our leftover Chinese food. After she left, I went to work. Didn't do too much but at least I caught up on my e-mails. I then had Jeaux pick me up; we bought comics, ate at Which Wich?, and grocery shopped. Then we saw some She-Ra and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I was so tired afterwards though and went to bed.
  • Friday I worked a full day, but was too lazy for the bus. Took Lyft and spent the day kinda zoning out. I did some drawings for Negative One and when I got home I processed them before Victor came over to spend time with me. We got pizza and I caught him up on Steven Universe, and then we watched the movie Young Einstein. It was a good time. I am so glad I have good friends.
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    This week's karaoke song is "Keep Me In Your Heart" by Warren Zevon.

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    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0708: "A Job for Me."

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    Mom and Lindsay enjoying a pillow together
    Sister selfie in the backseat of the car--on the way to our grandmother's funeral
    P making latkes at Dad's
    Me making latkes at Dad's
    Latkes table at Dad's, minus P who's taking the photo
    We'll miss our dear grandmother
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