Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wednesday Factoid: I Need Help

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What do you most often ask for help with?

The easy answer is transportation.

That's really the only thing I consistently need assistance with: getting places. And if it wouldn't be appropriate to ask a friend or family member with a car to take me somewhere, I can just request a Lyft or other paid ride (assuming it's a place I want to go in town). 

Secondarily, another thing I sometimes have to ask for help on is difficult physical tasks. I'm probably of average strength for a person my size, but I'm pretty small. It would take more out of me to move heavy furniture, and it's beyond my capabilities to lift really heavy stuff. I pay for help with lawn care and hired movers when I moved. It doesn't equal out to any tremendous disadvantage.

I have also asked my mom for help hemming pants and sewing stuff, but I could do those things if I needed to (or, if it was too complicated, I could pay a tailor). It's just that my mom is better at it than I will ever be, and I think she is happy to help me. I've also asked my mom's advice on stuff around the house, and she helped me figure out curtains and other things when I was deciding where to put my furniture when I moved. She's got an eye for those things. I don't have to ask her, but I liked her contributions.

I'm relatively independent, I guess.


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