Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Go-to order

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What is your go-to order at restaurants?

Probably a grilled cheese sandwich.

I'm not an incredibly picky eater and I'm not unadventurous, but I'm a bit of a food wimp. I don't like most strong flavors, with the exception of sour--I can eat a lemon. But I'm grossed out by onions and I can't eat spicy food, including peppers. Digression here: People love to tell me that only those peppers are spicy while these ones are not, darling. I don't care if that is a "sweet" pepper. I promise you it is spicy to me and I can't eat it.

I also don't like olives or bean sprouts or cabbage or raw tomatoes or black beans or pieces of garlic or cabbage or black pepper.

So, given the options, it's tough to find food that is deliberately vegetarian that I can enjoy. People tend to assume if they buy a "veggie sub" option to add to the sandwich tray I'll be able to eat it, but I usually can't. Not without a lot of embarrassing sandwich opening to pull out stuff I can't eat.

Cheese sandwiches are pretty safe, and anywhere that has a cheeseburger on the menu can make a hot cheese sandwich. But what I really appreciate are grown-up grilled cheese options. Some restaurants dress it up by putting tomato or mushrooms in it if you want, and some make it fancy by including four or five kinds of cheese. (Those are ridiculous. And tasty.)

I like to make grilled cheese sandwiches at home too.

If I have other choices, sometimes I'll get something like a side vegetable and french fries, a salad, soup after making sure they don't make it with beef or chicken broth (this is the case with most stuff like potato soup), or pasta or pizza.

Mmmm, pizza.

But yeah. Grilled cheese sandwich is something I end up getting an awful lot, and sometimes I have to find it on the kids' menu.

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