Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Favorite Subject

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What was your favorite school subject when you were in elementary school? What about high school? What subjects did you despise?

English/Reading was generally what I liked best as a kid. Depending on what we were working on, sometimes I liked art or music more, but usually in art or music we were doing something I didn't care about and just kinda found boring. I liked reading or writing time. And if the science class was about something I was really interested in, like the solar system, I ate it up and liked to read the textbook on my own.

On my way to kindergarten
In elementary school I usually really hated social studies. I hated math later in my life, but at this point I didn't mind math, but at that point arithmetic was relatively easy and I was okay at drills. But of course, like most kids who grew up nerdy, PE was probably the worst.

Me in ninth grade with my vocabulary book
In high school I still liked English class more than the others if we had a writing assignment--even if it was just writing about books or analyzing poetry, I was really good at those things and therefore I liked them more. (In my AP English class, one of my teachers was always using my papers as examples!) I also loved chemistry and a very small portion of biology (I enjoyed studying genetics, but pretty much hated all the other stuff), but physics class was the worst. I wasn't good at math but didn't despise it as much as physics. It was still pretty miserable so math was probably my worst subject, but I also hated history, even though I had good teachers. 

But then above and beyond English was always my chorus class in high school. I took chorus every year, sometimes two periods of it because I sang with two different groups (an advanced choir and a show choir). I didn't have to take anything athletic in high school except I guess I took a summer course called Team Sports. And so few people took it that we couldn't even really do any teams, but it was all right.

Overall I tended to like science and English and dislike social studies/history and math. And music and art really depend on what the subject is.

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