Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Cooling off or warming up?

Today's Wednesday Factoid (oops, happening on Thursday because I forgot) is: Which feels better? Cooling off after being too hot or warming up after being too cold?

Everybody who knows me knows how I'll answer this one!

I don't actually get that hot when it's hot. Sometimes, yeah, it's pretty awful here in Florida during the summer, but I very rarely feel desperately hot to the point that I'm craving an ice cube bath or something. On the other hand, being too cold is something I'm way too familiar with, and warming up with a heated blanket or in front of a fireplace or by drinking a nice hot drink is the most wonderful relief there is.

I loooove being cozy and I despise being cold. Just hate it hate it hate it. (And I get cold easily, too. Even in Florida, I have to take a jacket with me in the summer because it's likely to be too cold for me inside buildings.)


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