Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Parents' Life

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Did your parents have a life before they had kids?

I guess you'd have to ask them what they think "having a life" means. It's hard to say how to interpret that. As it was, by definition, before my time, it's hard for me to say what it was actually like for them, and though I've certainly heard stories of my parents' youth, I do know they didn't have much time before they had me. They were both in their early twenties in the late 1970s.

My dad doesn't talk a whole lot about his youth, but he did have some interests in music and sometimes has suggested he thought he was gonna grow up to be a rock star. Other than that he just liked to chill and have fun, and when I came along he did what he had to do to support his family. 

My mom talks about her youth more frequently, but I don't know that there was much of anything she wanted to do to "have a life" more than wanting to be a mom. When she was in school she was a cheerleader, and looooved dancing (still does). Mom has a lot of loosely related interests in various crafts, like stained glass, sewing, refinishing furniture, and other artsy stuff, and she has done quite a bit of dental assisting in her time, but none of that was work she would have preferred to pursue instead of being a mom.

"Do you feel like you got to have a life before having us?" seems like it would be a poorly received question, maybe. I don't know how they would answer it.

My parents the Halloween before I was born.
Mom was a pregnant bunny. Dad was a rockstar. (That's a wig.)


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