Saturday, March 11, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: March 4 – March 10

Life news this week: 
  • Saturday was my last driving lesson. I drove for twenty-four miles on real roads and my driving instructor said I did great! But we didn't get around to important stuff like backing up and parking and doing U-turns, so I probably need at least one more lesson and definitely more practice before I am ready to take a driving test. After I got home on the bus, I was just processing online stuff and doing some e-mail.
  • Sunday I took it pretty easy for my last day before starting work. I did do some videos though. Mom came over for a few hours, and I talked to my sister on the phone for a while, and I got my stuff packed for work and wrote some e-mail and played online.
  • Monday Mom drove me to work and I had my first day. I got a temporary office space but it turns out I have to work in the main room once they get me a desk. That's okay. I spent my first day helping my new boss with two letters of response for the DOT, which is very familiar work to me, so I was able to help quite a bit with some sort of advanced administrative stuff like submitting associated paperwork for the letters and fact-checking some things. Beyond that and new employee stuff, the day went very fast! But it was also very cold in that room. Had to wear my jacket all day. Mom picked me up after and we were supposed to go to dinner but she didn't feel good so I made macaroni instead and we ate it and she fell asleep on my couch. I watched some cartoons.
  • Tuesday my mom asked to take me to work again so I said okay. I met one of the designers who usually works from home, and he taught me the beginnings of what I'll need to do some labeling stuff on their designs. It's kinda hard for me but I'm getting it. The same guy took me out for lunch at Chili's! After work Mom took me grocery shopping and dropped me off at home. I researched bus stuff so I could take the bus in the next day.
  • Wednesday was Lindsay's birthday--happy birthday sister! Successfully rode the bus in to the office and had computer issues all day long, argh. Did more design stuff, then took the bus back and met Jeaux, where we ate at Flipper's and hung out at my place. We were both sleepy so we took a nap for most of Jeaux Day sadly. After he left I did a drawing for Friday's episode and posted a book review.
  • Thursday was a good day! Bus again, and more design instruction, and I took a lunch break to walk to this cool French place near my work. I had an excellent brunch and the break was super nice to have. I am not used to taking lunches at work and I think I'm going to dig this. When I got back I helped my boss with some resumes and went home. Victor called me and I drew all the frames for Negative One.
  • Friday was also very good. This time I didn't want to go out to lunch because I don't to spend money and eat extravagantly every day, but I did like taking a break so I went out behind the building and found a little picnic table! I ate an apple and a snack mix there and read a book and did some doodles. I'm going to like doing this! At work they finally put a desk for me in the main room but I didn't get to occupy it most of the day because my computer was still messed up so the computer guy came and took it. I worked on design in another person's office for the rest of the day. Then I got a ride home, posted my comic, and went to Jeaux's for new cartoons. "Room for Ruby" was a good episode. And then I got to go home and relax!
    Reading progress:
      New singing performances:

      This week's performance was "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush.

      New drawings: 

      Fan art for "Room for Ruby."

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0617: "His Kind of Pretty."

      New videos:

      My latest unlisted ukulele video is "Peace and Love" from Steven Universe. (It's a duet and I do both parts.)

      New photos:

      My new workplace has a tiny cone!
      My first foray into labeling plan sheets.
      Some of these plans are REALLY complicated-looking!
      I finally bought all the Animaniacs Funko Pop! figures.
      I have to wear a jacket and gloves because it is cold at work.
      Trying to get used to early mornings at the office.
      Lunch outside! Doing some drawing!
      Jeaux was wearing his Rubies shirt.

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