Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Local Characters

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Who are the "characters" who make your town interesting?

You know, I'm kinda ashamed to say I don't know much about my area's local characters, and I'm sure there are loads more that people who are from around here would frown on me for missing, but two people immediately came to mind when I thought "local characters," so I'll share them.

One is someone I've never met, but who lots of people in my social circles know: a man known as "The Senator." 

He is an older gentleman who goes to a local dance club called The Castle wearing very provocative lingerie, and he is basically ALWAYS there and wanting to dance with young people. He is generally eager to pose for people's cameras so I don't feel like it's exploitative or weird to share a photo here:

Most of the photos you'll find of him online are much more revealing.
And the other person who came to mind is the Peter Pan guy.

He's actually relatively famous outside my area, I think, and his thing is that he is always dressed in some version of Peter Pan outfit and he has a "never grow up" philosophy in real life. I think he actually goes to the same club as the Senator, and I have at least personally seen him at Renaissance Faires. (He's married to someone who's frequently dressed like Tinker Bell.)

His website definitely reminds me of my website aesthetic of the 1990s. 

There's also this local celebrity named Julie Sondra Decker but she's just too famous to have time to tell you about herself right now.

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