Saturday, March 4, 2017

Personal Digest Saturday: February 25 – March 3

Life news this week: 
  • This was SUCH an eventful week! It was kind of unwise of me to cram so much into my last week before going back to work at a new job, but I guess at least it was a good choice so I don't chew my hands off worrying about things I can't control.
  • Saturday this week was Drink and Draw. I spent most of the day reading and blogging stuff so I could have the night free, and then I hung out with my friends in Community Café for the event. (We usually meet at Cafe Hey, but they couldn't host us this time, so we had to go to my friend Mandy's café in St. Pete.) There I hung with Joy, Eric, Belle, Kali, and William mostly. I tried a weird sampler platter because I was feeling adventurous, so I ate pita bread and chips with pesto, black bean hummus, and cream cheese avocado dip. It was all good! I got my webcomic drawings done for So You Write and also managed to draw a little sketch of the character Bismuth from Steven Universe.
  • Sunday I woke up early enough to go to the Not Just For Omnivores Brunch at Cafe Hey, so I took Uber out there. I had a weird feeling that I should go for some important reason, but the only important reason was that I apparently REALLY NEEDED to eat vegan chicken and waffles. One of the owners, Cheong, who runs Drink and Draw when we have it in Tampa, came out to chat with me briefly, but mostly I just ate my food and didn't talk to anyone, haha. I took a nap, did my music, made a writing video, and posted my new So You Write webcomic.
  • Monday I hung out with my family. Lindsay and Mike (sister and brother-in-law) were in town! They picked me up at my apartment and we drove out to Sarasota to hang out with my dad, his partner, and our grandpa. We ate lunch at an Italian place (but I had an omelet), and then we hung out at my grandpa's place for a while and caught up. Then we booked it back to my mom's and had lasagna she'd cooked for us. My sister played with her dogs and we just hung out, and later Mike went to visit one of his friends so it was just us three hangin' out. I did some light cleaning in the kitchen and my mom was super appreciative because she's a nerd. :) When I got home again I did some laundry. I'm productive.
  • Tuesday I asked my previous boss Jerry to send me some example documents of the kind of letters I used to do, so I can show them to my new boss. He sent them! Yay! I went out to the phone store and signed up to buy a new phone because my phone just keeps wigging out on me (shutting off in the middle of operations, rebooting itself infinitely, suddenly saying it has 0 battery even though it had 70% battery a minute ago, etc.). They didn't have any of the model I wanted to buy, so I paid for it and they said I'd get a call. Then I went to Target, went grocery shopping, and went home. I cleaned up my apartment, made a cute photoset of Garnet for Tumblr (and it got reblogged to hell and back because Tumblr is full of nerds). And I read some of a driving manual.
  • Wednesday I had my first driving lesson! It was weird getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time in twenty years. My instructor, Andy, is a good match for me when it comes to how I learn. He took me to a parking lot and instructed me on making very tight right turns for most of the lesson. He said I was doing well. My phone died while trying to get a paid ride back, but it rebooted and was okay to order the car. I took a short nap and then had Jeaux Day. We ate at Panera and then I let him use my laptop for some nerd thing he was doing, but it took all night. We listened to the latest Night Vale and I drew a fanart picture and some of my webcomic.
  • Thursday was pretty awful. I missed the bus to go to my driving lesson so I had to do a paid ride again, and the lesson itself was okay (practicing left turns and then combinations of turns, and I drove around a mall in real traffic twice). Then I tried to be fancy getting the bus home but I got lost, and then when I gave up trying to find my way home, my phone died and I couldn't call for help or a paid ride. So I HAD to ride the bus and managed to get home four hours after the end of my lesson. Yuck. At least with all that bus-riding I had plenty of time to read one of my Pitch Wars mentees' published book, Welcome to the Slipstream by Natalka Burian. Then I biked to the phone store and finally got my new phone, so I shouldn't have those problems anymore. I chatted online to my friend Paul and learned how to make GIFs so I used my fantastic skills to make a Garnet-related GIFset, of course.
  • Friday I had plans with Victor. I took the bus out to the mall (didn't get lost!) and we went shopping. I bought some cute new clothes and he and I went to the bookstore and got bubble tea together. Then I went back to my neighborhood (didn't get lost!) and walked to Jeaux's house for the new Steven Universe episode, "Tiger Philanthropist." It was cute and fun. I called my mom on my new phone and chatted to her on the walk home. Oh, and I got my comic up early in the day before setting out to hang with Victor, so I didn't have any pressing concerns. Hooray!
    Interviews, Features, Mentions:

    • Carrel Books Spring 2017: I'm listed in my publisher's catalog again, page 11.
    • Plotter vs. Pantser: Shawna's Blog of Doom discussed plotter vs. pantsers issues for writers and embedded/credited one of my webcomics. This was actually at the beginning of February but I missed the ping at the time.

    Reading progress:
    • Finished this week: Welcome to the Slipstream by Natalka Burian. Five-star review.
    • If you missed my review for Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel last week (because I posted it really late): Five-star review.
    • Currently reading: Avatar: The Search: Volume 3 by Bryan Konietzko & Michael DiMartino.
      New singing performances:

      This week's performance was "Dear Jessie" by Madonna.

      New drawings: 

      Drink and Draw sketch of Bismuth doing a project in her forge.

      Baby Garnet doodle
      Fan art for "Tiger Philanthropist."

      Webcomic So You Write Issue 69: "Ripoff."

      Webcomic Negative One Issue 0616: "Formative."

      New videos:

      My new writing video is called Starting Over. It's about if you have to start from scratch or totally rewrite a manuscript.

      My latest unlisted ukulele video is "Iowa" by Dar Williams.

      New photos:

      Me: Drink and Draw.

      Eric at Drink and Draw drinking from a Birthday Princess glass.
      Vegan chicken and waffles at Cafe Hey's Not Just for Omnivores Brunch.
      A vegan brownie I bought at Cafe Hey.
      My sister's spoiled little boy.
      Baby Garnet, doodled to celebrate my fan blog hitting 300 followers.
      Me about to get my first driving lesson!
      My friend Heather got me these fingerless gloves from Etsy.
      Me at Bobacup with my bubble tea.
      Getting bubble tea with Victor.
      My driving instructor told me to practice steering with a pizza pan.
      The car I've been driving at my lessons!

      Social Media counts:
      YouTube subscribers: 5,295 for swankivy (lost 2), 614 for JulieSondra (lost 2). Twitter followers: 846 for swankivy (3 new), 1,327 for JulieSondra (7 new). Facebook: 293 friends (no change) and 206 followers (no change) for swankivy, 650 likes for JulieSondra (lost 1), 55 likes for Negative One (no change), 127 likes for So You Write (no change). Tumblr followers: 2,493 (lost 1). Instagram followers: 104 (2 new).

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