Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday Factoid: Hard or Easy?

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Are you hard or easy on yourself?

My first inclination is to answer "hard."

Most people who know me have heard me groan about not being productive enough, and no matter how much they reassure me that I do x and y and z, I never feel like it's really enough. I know how much I goofed off. I know how I didn't decide to fill my down time with up time. I have incredibly high standards for what I should be capable of. I think I should be able to meet those standards and I get pretty mad at myself when I don't.

But overall, I'm probably pretty easy on myself.

I say that because unlike some people I know, I don't hate myself, don't let expectations of society define what I should be doing or how I should think, and don't feel much of a need to seek validation. This is probably just an extension of my nature--I accept myself and most of what I want to do to be better is unrelated to feeling that I, personally, am a failure. I sometimes take this for granted and forget how rare and important it is to like myself and to not need other people's instructions or permission to exist how I like.

So . . . both really. But yeah I'm pretty hard on myself because I know I can take it. :)

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