Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Texting

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: Do you text? Who do you text with the most?

Yep! I got on the texting boat a little later than most people because I didn't want to pay for a separate text plan on the phone I had since there were already multiple text-based ways to reach me. And yet some of my friends just still couldn't remember that every time they texted me I'd have to ask them not to use that form of communication to talk to me because I had to pay 20¢ to read every one of them. One guy would send me "happy [whatever holiday]" texts no matter how many times I asked him not to, and one seemed to think sending me photos (which I had to pay 50¢ to download) fell into the category of emergency. But I couldn't block texts because sometimes my sister would talk to me that way and I wanted to keep it open for her.

Eventually I bought a different phone and got a package with unlimited texting, and now I am fine with it.

I talk to my mom and Jeaux through text the most, but Victor and Meghan get the next most texts, and then occasionally my sisters, my dad, and some other friends. I believe Jeaux would be the winner if we're considering quantity, frequency, and length of the conversations. He and I never talk on the phone though.

What do we text about?

Well, besides the incidentals like where we're going to meet for lunch and stuff about work . . . we talk about cartoons, I guess.

Jeaux asking the hard questions at 2:30 in the morning



  1. My parents gave me my first cell phone in middle school and I also had a plan that made texting super expensive. I'd run out of minutes within days because one text = one minute and I think I only had 100 minutes a month. (Meant for emergencies!)

    I tried telling my classmates/friends that their neverending "hi" text messages were gonna get me scolded at the end of the month but nobody listened :P

    Now I text my best friend Silvia every waking hour. We also never talk on the phone. We just text in paragraph form.

  2. Whoa! For some reason I had no idea you texted. I have unlimited texting as well. Let's text each other, yes yes yes???