Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Sunday Routine

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What is your Sunday routine?

I actually kinda have one. Unless I'm on vacation or someone's staying with me, it's usually something like this:

  • Get up when I want
  • Have coffee
  • Play online while waking up
  • Take a shower
  • Have breakfast
  • Play online some more until my hair is dry
  • Record a karaoke song and post it to my website
  • Start the laundry
  • Continue whatever projects or activities I started the day before
After the morning/early afternoon routine, I don't really have specific Sunday plans. (Sometimes laundry gets pushed to the end of the day if I'm lazy or get caught up in something.) Sometimes I'll read, draw, nap, redecorate my house, make a new video for one of my channels, write, do website stuff, spend too much time on Tumblr, talk on the phone, or watch stuff on YouTube. I don't often go out on Sundays. I just like to stay in and get stuff done.


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