Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday Factoid: Childhood Creations

Today's Wednesday Factoid is: What things did you create when you were a child?

All kinds, guys!

I used my construction toys to make a robot family and conceived their various evolutions from one form to another (long before Pokémon existed). I made a weird board game out of paper that caused a babysitter to call me "The next Steven Spielberg" (which irritated my mom because she didn't want me to be "the next" anything). I (with the help of my sisters) made a juice concoction from all the drinkable substances in the house and named it Wee Punch. (I do not remember why, but we had a list of the ingredients and sometimes begged Mom to let us buy them even though the punch itself was kind of gross tasting.) I made a game with my friend about a kidnapper who made us cook for him, whom we escaped by feeding him a bomb. I made macrame, finger-knitting ropes, and friendship bracelets. I made illustrated stories about girls who did things. I made dollhouse furniture and holiday cards with poems in them. I made tacky earrings from beads. I made taped recordings of music I made up or attempted harmonies to existing songs. I made time capsules. I made hats out of paper.

Mostly, though, it was probably drawings. 

Age 5, self portrait
Age 5, representation of my dad reading the paper on the toilet

Probably first grade or something, self portrait

Age 7 or 8, random braid girl

Age 7 or 8, random ballerina

Age 8 or 9, Popples fan art
Age 8 or 9, depiction of my youngest sister's face whenever she got her way
Age 10, a mermaid
Middle school, attempted realism
Middle school sometime, random market square
An adorable cover for what became my very first completed novel

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