Saturday, June 18, 2016

Personal Digest Saturday: June 11 – June 17

Life news this week: 
  • What a week I've had. :/ At least I had a pretty relaxing weekend, except for, you know, A MASSIVE SHOOTING HAPPENED AN HOUR AWAY FROM ME against people I consider part of my community. I spent Saturday and Sunday not doing a whole lot--did basic housework stuff and talked to my sister on the phone and watched a bunch of cartoons, and I made a video. But when the week started it was pretty exhausting.
  • Monday I was superwoman basically. After work I went grocery shopping, went to the bike store to get some repairs scheduled, went to a store to buy some gifts (and a couple treats for myself), and grabbed a meal before playing Dance Dance Revolution and jumping in the shower. And then I got to relax a little and opened the packages of Steven Universe dog tags that I bought myself. I was missing four tags from the complete collection and I got ALL of the ones I was missing, including the other rare one I was missing! I took pictures of them and put them on Tumblr.
  • Tuesday I argued with YouTube butts and my mom took me to her house. (We've been hanging out at my house most of the time lately, so I hadn't been over there in a while.) She wanted me to scrub her bathtub for her because she can't do it now because of her back. So I did that in exchange for soup and grilled cheese. Heh. Also ate a chocolate popsicle in the wee hours of the morning while we were talking and listening to some song recordings I'd made.
  • Wednesday I had coffee at my mom's before going back home, grabbing a shower, and getting in to work. I finalized some room visits for my friend Victor--I've been helping him find a new roommate, and I had two possibilities scheduled for us to visit--and after work I met with Jeaux and we ate at Jet's Pizza. They didn't have a place to eat in, so we bought the pizza and took it to my house. We listened to Night Vale and chatted, and after he left I chilled watching more cartoons.
  • Thursday I didn't go to work because I was helping Victor! I took a bus to meet him in the early afternoon; he had a job interview in the morning, and was coming to tour apartments, with me there as moral support I guess. Well, we had a REALLY hard time because Victor's old leg injury was acting up. And he even fell down in the road once. We sort of had a schedule but it was pushed WAY back because he couldn't walk very far without needing to sit down. We FINALLY made it to the first guy's house and he hung out a while talking to the guy while I stood around and tried to figure out a way for us to get out of there without making him make another massive hike to the bus stop on that leg. Happily my mom was around to rescue us! She came and picked us up, and also took us to the other visit before taking us home. What a nice mom. (And she wouldn't even take the gas money Victor offered her.) I bought Victor a stromboli and we hung out eating and watching cartoons, and then he fell asleep after an exhausting day.
  • Friday I went back to work. Victor left by himself in the morning and I did some office stuff, then came home and finished my comic. My mom came over to pick up some papers for her taxes, but other than that I just zoned out watching fun things.
Interviews, Features, Mentions:
  • wtfdynamics on Tumblr was very excited to see my book in the wild!
  • Wikipedia now lists me as an American author. I had zero to do with this entry (I don't edit Wikipedia), so it doesn't surprise me that a few of its facts are wrong or framed misleadingly. Ahem:
    • It says I was "sexually assaulted by a male friend" who I eventually "repelled," for instance--I sometimes talk about this incident online, which was where a guy licked me on the face after I said I did not want to kiss, and then he yelled that he was just trying to help me when I walked away, but I did not "eventually repel" him (what? there was nothing "eventual" about me walking away from him immediately), and I didn't date him or anything. I was clear from the beginning. It's technically sexual assault. I don't frame it like that usually and don't discuss this as if it was really important in my asexuality story the way the Wikipedia entry sort of implies.
    • My first YouTube videos were uploaded in 2007 and they list the wrong one as my first. It's understandable though because the oldest videos are now made private because the audio went out of sync for no reason after the vids had been up for a couple years, and I fixed the audio and reuploaded them and gave the original date of the videos in my reuploads.
    • There are mistakes in the writing, like that I refer to myself as an "aromatic" asexual (lol) and that "Decker feels that it is important to speak for 'asexual who are insecure or depressed.'" Really bad editing there, as they phrased that like it was a quote from me or something. It isn't. Especially not with that language mistake.
    • The entry claims I have covered on my YouTube channel. I have not. Probably they assumed my recording of "Butterfly" is the song. It isn't. It's Rajaton. (It says so in the title so I don't know why they got that wrong.) I have covered on Singsnap but never on YouTube.
Reading progress:
  • Finished this week: No books, but still reading.
  • Currently reading: Living With Intensity by Susan Daniels & Michael M. Piechowski.
    New singing performances:

    Here I'm singing "One Moment in Time" by Whitney Houston.


    New drawings:

    Webcomic Negative One Issue 0579: "This Sublime."

    New videos:

    New photos: 

    My completed collection of Steven Universe dog tags!
    "Hot and tired" photo from the day I was looking for apartments with Victor.

    And the haircut comparison photos:

    Front, February 2014
    Front, June 2016
    Back, February 2014
    Back, June 2016

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